Prospect Analysis: Shane Victorino

Welcome to a free preview of the Prospect Analysis, where we delve deep into the numbers for some of the Phillies top prospects. We start with a look at International League MVP Shane Victorino.

Righty/Lefty Splits: Being a switch-hitter, you would sort of figure that Shane Victorino would have equal type stats against both righties and lefties. Such is not the case. Victorino hit a decent .278 against right-handers, with 11 of his 18 homeruns coming off righties. Victorino also picked up 66% of his RBI against right-handers. While his power wasn't quite as good against southpaws, he hit an overwhelming .403 in 124 at bats against lefties. He also showed more patience and plate discipline when he was batting from the right-side, walking 1.2 times for every strikeout. When he was swung around to the left side of the plate, he walked just .6 times for every strikeout.

Can he leadoff? With an overall on-base percentage of .377, Victorino knows how to get on base. During the season at AAA, Victorino had 160 at bats as a leadoff man and hit .313 in that spot. Victorino showed some patience, drawing 12 of his 51 walks (24%) when leading off.

Some like it hot: Perhaps it comes from growing up in Hawaii, but Shane Victorino likes the hot weather. After hitting at an overall pace of .251 through the first two months of the season, Victorino started to turn up the heat. In June, he hit .287 and then exploded in the heat of July and August to hit .365 over the hottest months of the season. Was it just a matter of adjusting to AAA? Not likely, because Victorino had almost 250 at bats at AAA coming into the 2005 season. Looking back, Victorino split the 2004 season between AAA and AA with the Dodgers and hit a combined .228 at AAA Las Vegas in April and May. He split June between Las Vegas and Jacksonville and hit a combined .318. From there, he went on to play the rest of the season at AA Jacksonville and hit .280 in July and .408 in August.

Set me up: Victorino apparently likes to hit with men on base. He hit .328 and had 10 of his homeruns at AAA Scranton Wilkes-Barre with men on base. Put the runners in scoring position and Victorino's average dipped a little to .308. Have the runners in scoring position with two outs and he slides a little, hitting .267 and if the bases are loaded, he froze a little and hit just .231 with the Red Barons.

A major change? Since Victorino had just 17 major league at bats in 2005, it's tough to gauge just how his numbers would have compared to his minor league performance. Of his at bats, 16 came against right-handers and he hit .250 with one of his two homeruns. Victorino hit .400 (2-for-5) with runners in scoring position, .667 (2-for-3) with runners in scoring position and two outs and .333 (1-for-3) with the bases loaded. Again, very small sample numbers to gauge from.

Shane Victorino's 2005 stats

Majors 2 8 .294 21 17 5 5 0 0 0 3 0 .263
AAA 18 70 .310 126 494 93 153 25 16 51 74 17 .377
AAA vs LHP 11 46 .278 - 370 65 103 17 13 36 61 11 .344
AAA vs RHP 7 24 .403 - 124 28 50 8 3 15 13 6 .472

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