Variable Ticket Pricing Comes To Philadelphia

It's a practice that is used in other major league cities and in other sports. Charging more for some games than for others. Now, the Phillies are adopting the policy and will charge more for games in the middle of the season than for early and late season games.

Other teams are doing it, so you knew it would eventually wind up in Philadelphia. The Phillies are charging more for tickets to 45 games between May 19th and August 20th than they will for games prior to and after those dates. The changes will go into effect for the 2006 season and will represent an overall increase in the price of tickets. "Our variable pricing plan represents a modest increase limited to the games where there is the greatest demand for tickets," explained Phillies vice president Richard Deats.

While early and late season games will continue to have prices ranging from $15 to $40, the newly priced mid-season games will cost between $16 and $44. The popular day-of-game discounts will still be in effect, with the Phillies putting unsold tickets on sale at the Citizens Bank Park ticket windows at prices discounted between three and six dollars per ticket. "This innovative program provides a great opportunity for fans to purchase tickets at reduced rates on game days," said Deats. Ticket sales increase once the weather starts to heat up and generally start to slow as school gets closer.

The stretch of games having higher ticket prices will include visits by Arizona, Atlanta, Boston, Cincinnati, Florida, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, the New York Mets and Yankees, San Diego, Tampa Bay and Washington.

Other teams use variable pricing plans based on the opponent for each game. Games against high-draw teams like the Yankees and Red Sox are priced slightly higher than games against teams that don't draw as well on the road.


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