What I Did On My Winter Vacation...

Of all the Phillies playing winter ball, Gavin Floyd was the one most watched. The Phillies former top pitching prospect struggled through 2005, but bounced back somewhat in the Puerto Rico Winter League. Meanwhile, Yoel Hernandez continues to impress wherever he pitches.

Gavin Floyd (Puerto Rico) 1 1 3.89 8 8 34.2 32 17 21
Eude Brito (Dominican Rep.) 1 3 5.73 10 0 22.0 26 13 19
Aquilino Lopez (Dominican Rep.) 4 2 2.95 9 0 42.2 42 10 36
Travis Minix (Dominican Rep.) 0 2 3.68 8 5 29.1 39 9 19
Yoel Hernandez (Venezuela) 0 3 2.20 28 0 32.2 31 6 33

One real concern about Gavin Floyd is his walk/strikeout ratio. The good news is that he struggled early on in the season and was pitching better at the end of the season than he did early on.

As far as pitchers are concerned, the big news continues to be Yoel Hernandez. He hasn't gotten a lot of attention and the Phillies don't seem to be figuring on him as a member of their bullpen, but they should be. Hernandez has put up good numbers and has a career minor league ERA of 3.46 in the Phillies organization. The 23 year old really should be getting more attention than he is.

Abraham Nunez (Dominican Rep.) 4 24 .302 172 30 52 .448
Carlos Ruiz (Dominican Rep.) 1 14 .315 89 16 28 .435
Tomas Perez (Venezuela) 1 13 .261 196 32 51 .316
Danny Sandoval (Venezuela) 3 11 .317 101 12 32 .349
Chris Roberson (Mexico) 4 19 .307 192 32 59 .361

The Phillies really have to think harder about keeping Carlos Ruiz on the big league roster. He'll come into spring training fighting for a backup spot with Sal Fasano, but if it's at all close, Ruiz should be given the job. There would be nothing wrong with getting him some exposure this season and then looking at the possibility of handing him the job in 2007. He's a talented young catcher who has put it all together over the past couple of seasons and there's really nothing more for him to learn from another season at AAA.

Danny Sandoval should also be given some consideration, but with the signing of Abraham Nunez and Alex Gonzalez, it's unlikely that there's going to be any room on the major league roster for him. He will provide good insurance for the Phillies though.

Former Phillies farmhands Juan Richardson and Jorge Padilla also played winter ball. Richardson put up weak numbers, but Padilla was swinging the bat pretty well. There are some thoughts that the Phillies are rethinking Padilla and might offer him a minor league contract. It's surprising that he hasn't caught on anywhere else yet.


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