A Bigger Ryan Frith Ready For 2006

Ryan Frith underwent somewhat of a transformation during the off-season. The 2006 version of Ryan Frith is bigger and should be even better than what we've seen before.

Ryan Frith has put up pretty decent power numbers in his first two seasons in the Phillies organization. The thing is though, that he always felt he could do better in the power department. With that in mind, Frith underwent a tough off-season workout plan that added 20 pounds of muscle to his frame, pushing him just over the 200 pound mark.

"I'm definitely a lot stronger," said Frith. "It should translate to more power at the plate." Not only does Frith figure to build on his career-high of 15 homeruns that he set last season, but he thinks the extra muscle will help in other areas. "I think it will help my game overall and make me more durable," explained the 23 year old outfield prospect.

Frith's rebuilding campaign wasn't something that the Phillies suggested, but was something that he did pretty much on his own. "I just felt I could be bigger. They (the Phillies) didn't really say very much, but I think they'll be happy with the new me," laughed Frith.

Part of the reasoning for Frith to undergo what he did during the off-season was that he is never satisfied with the numbers that he puts up. "I always think there's room to grow and improve," said Frith. "My numbers have been pretty good, but I want to always build on what I did the previous season."

So, with all of the muscle, has there been any downside? "I haven't lost any speed and I feel better and stronger, so I don't think there's been any downside," said Frith.

With an assignment to Clearwater likely, Frith is starting to reach that area of his career where more and more pressure will be on him. If the new Ryan Frith sees the results in his game that he anticipates, the pressure will be on opposing hitters.

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