PBN Q&A: Daniel Haigwood

While Aaron Rowand was the main attraction for the Phillies in the deal that sent Jim Thome to Chicago, don't lose sight of the two young left-handers that the Phillies got as part of the deal. We talked recently with one of them, Daniel Haigwood, about his career and coming to the Phillies.

PBN: Daniel, were you surprised when you found out about being dealt to the Phillies?

Haigwood: I was definitely surprised. I was just sitting at home and I got a phone call that I had been traded. There really wasn't any warning to it and I hadn't heard any rumors that I might be included in any deals.

PBN: Did you have any knowledge of the Phillies organization?

Haigwood: No, I didn't know much about them. I'm not one of those baseball guys that can tell you about every organization or every player, so I didn't know too much. Plus, I hadn't pitched in any leagues with any of their teams, so I hadn't really even faced them.

PBN: Does being a part of such a big trade put more pressure on you?

Haigwood: Not really. I handle pressure well and actually, the more pressure the better as far as I'm concerned. I'm confident that I can pitch and whether it would have been in Chicago or in Philly or anywhere else, I just want to pitch in the majors.

PBN: Can you tell us a little bit about what pitches you throw?

Haigwood: I've got the basic fastball, curveball and change-up and I also throw a slurve.

PBN: Which of those is most effective for you?

Haigwood: My change-up. I use it to keep hitters guessing and sort of pump up my fastball. My fastball isn't bad; it's usually around 90 miles per hour and I get some movement on it.

PBN: The early word is that you'll be pitching at AAA this season, is that what you're hearing?

Haigwood: That's what I'm thinking. From everything that I've been told, I'll probably start at AAA and go from there.

PBN: Do you feel you would be able to pitch in the majors now?

Haigwood: Coming into the off-season, I thought I needed more work. I really worked hard this off-season though and I think that I would be ready to pitch in the majors, but like I said, the plan is for me to start at AAA and that's okay. I know I'll get there eventually.

PBN: Daniel, welcome to the Phillies organization and we'll be talking to you throughout the season. Best of luck.

Haigwood: Thanks. I'm definitely looking forward to this season, it should be fun.


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