Friday's Minor League Camp Update

While the major league camp gets all the attention, there is plenty happening at the minor league complex. Find out who's doing what as the minor league rosters start to take shape.

Teams at the minor league complex are divided in to AAA, AA and A teams, but players on those teams won't necessarily be playing at that level. For instance, Mike Costanzo is slated to start the season at Clearwater, but is playing for the AA team in camp.

Team 1: AAA
The AAA squad lost the opening game of their minor league spring season to the Devil Rays AAA squad by a score of 4-3. Cory Lidle and David Bell played for the AAA team. Lidle was pitching so Gavin Floyd could make a start with the big league club and Bell is coming back from a sore back.

Jeremy Cummings and Aaron Myette each pitched two scoreless innings, while Matt Squires gave up a run in his inning of work. Squires is coming off shoulder surgery and was throwing in the mid to upper-80s. Of the five hitters that he faced, he started four of them with strikes.

Michael Bourn contributed with an inside-the-park homerun and Brian Sellier went 2-for-2.

Team 2: AA
Allen Davis allowed just one hit over four innings of work. He threw 47 pitches in the outing. Jacob Barrack threw two shutout innings and Adam Shafer added another shutout inning of work.

Ryan Frith and Brad Harman both homered as the AA squad beat the Devil Rays AA squad by a 3-2 score.

Team 3: A
Team 3 beat the Devil Rays 4-3 behind four strong innings from Derek Griffith, who gave up just one hit and walked two. Patrick Overholt struggled through an inning of work, giving up two runs on three hits and a walk.

Mike Druzilla homered and Tuffy Gosewich was 2-for-2.

Team 4: A
The Devil Rays squad beat Team 4, 7-3, thanks in part to six Phillies' errors. Two of the errors were on shortstop Fidel Hernandez. Cooper Osteen and Jeremy Slayden each had two hits.

Kyle Kendrick gave up seven hits and two walks over three innings and Justin Blaine also struggled through his outing. Andy Barb gave up one run in three innings, striking out three, while Cory Dueitt threw one shutout inning.

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