Phils Both Buying and Selling in Trade Market

With opening day less than two weeks away, the Phillies are working the phones looking to swing a deal or two. They're shopping a couple of players and scouting a couple others in potential deals for various parts.

For a chunk of the off-season, the Phillies were shopping for help off the bench. The ideal candidate would be a veteran, left-handed, power-hitting outfielder, but anything close to that might do as time winds down. They've also been shopping utility infielder Tomas Perez, satisfied with the additions of Abraham Nunez and Alex Gonzalez.

Here's a look at what we're hearing:

Tomas Perez has been shopped with little success. The Florida Marlins are interested in acquiring a veteran infielder to provide cover for some of their young players. They've got Dan Uggla at second base and after a fast start to the spring, Uggla's average has dipped to .234 in Grapefruit League action. He could also use some more minor league at bats, since he hasn't played higher than AA ball in his career.

Perez would be a good fit on a young team like the Marlins. Florida doesn't really have much to offer back that would fit well for the Phillies, but then again, they wouldn't be looking for much in return.

Rheal Cormier has struggled this spring. The Tigers have been looking at Cormier as a possible addition to their bullpen, but Cormier hasn't exactly helped his marketability. Again, the Phillies wouldn't be looking for much. The Tigers do have a couple of young outfielders, but wouldn't part with them in exchange for Cormier, even if Cormier was burning up the Grapefruit League. Plus, they wouldn't give the Phillies the veteran outfielder that they're looking for.

A better option for Cormier might be Baltimore. They're actively looking for a left-hander to add to the bullpen. The Orioles have former Phillie David Newhan, who can play just about anywhere, but wouldn't provide much power. Baltimore could be a landing spot for Perez too, since the O's are concerned about Brian Roberts health and aren't sure he'll be available for opening day.

Perhaps the best spot for Cormier would be with the New York Yankees. Former Phillies pitching coach and personal guru to Cormier, Joe Kerrigan, is now the bullpen coach with the Yankees and might be the one who could get whatever may be left out of Cormier.

Bobby Abreu rumors keep circulating and they're likely to do that off and on during the season. The Chicago White Sox have been interested, but the problem is working out a deal that would interest the Phillies. The Phillies had some interest in Jose Contreras, but he hasn't been healthy this spring and missed his last start because of soreness in his elbow. Word is that he's doing better, but the Phillies won't give up Abreu for damaged goods.

So, who are the Phillies really looking at to fill the utility outfield spot? Here's the list:

Dustan Mohr is in camp with the Boston Red Sox as a non-roster player. It's still not clear whether or not he has a shot at making the Red Sox opening day roster and with the addition of Wily Mo Pena, Mohr's chances just got a little slimmer. It could turn out that Boston simply lets Mohr go, giving the Phillies a chance at simply signing him, but that would likely come very late in the spring. Mohr is a right-handed hitter, but does have a little pop in his bat. He's played in the majors with Minnesota, San Francisco and Colorado.

Dustan Mohr's career stats

Minors 70 350 .281 571 2137 311 601 136 20 33 185 513 .344
Majors 46 151 .252 476 1311 197 331 77 6 13 138 367 .327

Damon Hollins is another player that the Phillies have scouted heavily of late. Hollins is also a right-handed hitter and has just 364 major league at bats with Atlanta and Tampa Bay. Like Mohr, he has some power, but doesn't exactly fit what the Phillies are looking for. Hollins is on the Devil Rays 40 man roster and it's unclear just how much they would want in exchange for him, but Cormier and/or Perez aren't likely to hold much interest for the D' Rays.

Damon Hollins career stats

Minors 149 667 .270 1321 4699 675 1268 288 25 108 428 863 .332
Majors 13 53 .253 135 379 48 96 19 1 8 23 70 .296

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