Moss: "Last season was no fluke"

After a slow start to his career, Tim Moss arrived last season at Clearwater when he hit 17 homeruns. Now, with some thinking it was a fluke, Moss will gladly show that it wasn't.

"I'm leaving last season behind; that's the past. I'm looking toward the future right now," exclaimed Tim Moss. Usually, you hear that kind of talk from someone coming off a bad season. Moss is coming off the type of season that puts players on the fast track.

Of course, it wasn't always that way. Moss' career with the Phillies got off to anything but a fast start. There were injuries, a diagnosis of high blood pressure and major struggles on the field. After hitting a combined .346 in his last two seasons at the University of Texas, Moss couldn't even hit half of that in his first pro season at Batavia. Even though he struggled, Moss got a promotion to Lakewood, but hit just .256 in 2004. Again, somewhat surprisingly, Moss was promoted and somehow, put it all together to become one of the few bright spots on a Clearwater team that lost 95 games last season.

Even when he was struggling, Moss insists that he wasn't feeling pressure. "I just felt that everything happens for a reason. Days go by and time flies, so it all worked out for the best," said Moss.

Now, Moss accepts the challenge of jumping to AA and figures to handle it the way he's handled every other challenge. "I'm just gonna think of this (moving to AA) like I've thought of every other challenge my whole life. I'll come out here and play. The bases don't change, it's the same amount of feet between the bases and I play to have fun," said the Reading second baseman.

So, were his numbers last season a fluke?

"I know they weren't a fluke, but I have to prove that. That's the only way that anybody else will know what I can do," stressed Moss. "I feel very comfortable defensively and offensively and I'm playing the way I should have been all along."

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