Turn Of Events Surprises Squires

Matt Squires battled back from an injury and seemed to have a big season ahead of him. Now, after being released by the Phillies, he's looking for his next challenge.

"I was pretty devastated at first," admitted Matt Squires. The left-hander was released by the Phillies last week as minor league rosters were being assembled. The move came as a surprise to Squires, who earlier in the spring, had pitched in a game for the Phillies that was televised on ESPN.

"I was throwing pretty well and my arm feels great," said Squires. "They brought in a lot of new guys and there just weren't enough roster spots."

Squires said that he had no indication that bad news was on its way. "In fact, I was getting positive feedback for most of the spring," said Squires. Late in the spring, he had a bad outing against the Yankees, but Squires didn't believe that the one bad outing would hurt his chances of sticking with the organization as much as it did.

Even while he's looking for a team to catch on with, Squires believes it will all work out. "I was ready for a good year and now, I'm just going to have to go about it differently," stressed Squires. With most major league organizations having set their rosters, it's tough to find a roster spot at this point in the season, so Squires will look to independent ball. "Ideally, I'll wind up in the Northern League or the Atlantic League. They're sort of the best around," said Squires.

Later in the season as injuries hit and teams need pitching help, they often turn to the independent leagues for help and Squires is hoping that he'll catch someone's eye. "I'm ready to go. I'm healthy and still looking forward to pitching somewhere."

Squires' career stats

9 13 3.04 11 142 1 222.1 206 89 75 6 108 208

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