Bergeron Simply Wants To Play

Peter Bergeron has gone from being a major leaguer to finding himself on a AA roster in the span of just two short years. Still, he's not bitter and actually fits in well with the young kids trying to make their way up the ladder.

To look at Peter Bergeron, he could be mistaken for one of the young kids on the Reading roster. After all, he is just 28 years old, but his face doesn't show all of those years. And after going through the circus that was the Montreal Expos, you couldn't blame Bergeron if he had developed a few wrinkles along the way.

"It was a situation in Montreal where every year was supposed to be the last in Montreal and that went all the way back to 2000. The first couple years, we all believed it, but after that, we figured we would just have to see it before we would really believe it," said Bergeron.

Considering the days in Montreal, he may still be playing in front of more people at First Energy Stadium than he was at Olympic Stadium. But even that doesn't matter, because Bergeron just wants a chance to play everyday. "It doesn't do me any good to be mad. I'm just thankful for the opportunity to play and to play everyday," said Bergeron, who actually isn't really even close to being the oldest member of the Reading Phillies. That honor goes to 30 year old Tim McClaskey and there are five other players older than Bergeron.

Still, Bergeron hoped that he would get a shot at making the major league roster and early in camp, he was opening some eyes. "I had hoped to turn some heads or something, but I got sent down when I was hitting .400, so I don't know how much of a shot I really had," laughed Bergeron.

Certainly, Bergeron has put it all in perspective. "No matter what level it's at, I realize that I'm fortunate to be playing baseball."

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