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If you're interested in vintage baseball collectibles, we've got the info you need. Our Vintage Sports Report takes you into the world of classic baseball collectibles. This week, information on the T-205s and T-207s.

Hello again. What a week so far, my computer went down and it's been a pain recovering everything. How about the Phillies, they won yesterday, with pitching and hitting.

I was all ready to write my article, when I had a discussion about autographs. If you buy them be careful where you get them from, because there are a lot of fly-by-night operations out there that make their own Certificate of Authenticity, take a picture of the athlete and said he signed hundreds of items. I ran across one that I knew was fake and the guy selling it was clueless. I took him to task about it and got a nasty e-mail reply, but if I see something wrong it's got to go. This one was a Mantle autograph and the description said he just signed it; as you all know, Mickey Mantle died a number of years ago. Enough said.

Last article was on T-206, now I'll give you a background on T-205s which are gold bordered, and T-207s,which have a brown background and are much harder to find.

First, the gold-bordered T-205s. Very colorful card, but it chips and creases very easily, which are the two major flaws to watch for. Pricing is about double or more on star players. Here are some examples:

  • John Bates - $375
  • Kitty Bransfeld - $375
  • Red Dooin - $375
  • Mickey Doolan - $375
  • Pat Moran - $6250 (2 versions)
  • There are 12 Philadelphia Nationals in the set, all priced at $375 except the Moran version. You can find them much lower if you search, since a slight corner dent will lower the cost greatly.

    The T-205s are from 1911, T-206s are from between 1909 and 1911 and the T-207s are from 1912.

    The next set to cover are the T-207s with a brown background. They're not as popular as the other cards, due to the appearance of the card, which has a drab brown background and border.

    There is also a mystery surrounding them. Different variations are no longer listed since they have not been in the public for a long time. The pricing for them would be in the thousands of dollars. There are 10 Nationals all around $200 in price.

    If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at To answer a question that I received this week, I do see autographs, but psa/dna certified. I also use Steiner and Gateway Caches. If you want to check out my eBay site, I have helmets and a bat up this week signed by young stars. To check that out, see rsvintagesports on eBay. See you all next week.

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