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If you're interested in vintage baseball collectibles, we've got the info you need. Our Vintage Sports Report takes you into the world of classic baseball collectibles. This week, information on Turkey Red and Pinkerton Cabinets.

This week, we're talking about T3 Turkey Reds, which have been made more popular with the release of Topps Turkey Red. The original Turkey Reds were made in 1910 and 1911, with boxers in the front end of the set and baseball in the back, with the baseball being much more valuable. Turkey Red has a nice drawn picture of the player with a thick cardboard border. The borders used to be used to hang up the cards since they are about the same size as a picture frame. You will see many with a pin hole in either the top or bottom or both as a scar from where someone had hung it at one time. Today you can find them graded which will bring premium prices. There is also a very rare version of Red Ad back that are two to three times higher in price. There were six Philadelphia Nationals in the set:
  • Bransfield - $375
  • Dooin - $375
  • Doolan - $400
  • Magee - $750
  • Moran - $375
  • Paskert - $375

There was another Cabinet card also in that time period, which were the Pinkerton Cabinets; very rare and very hard to come by in any condition. In the past ten years I have seen one, and it was selling for a premium, even though it looked like it just came out of someone's pocket, all creased and wrinkled. There were 13 Nationals in the set. The difference in the set is Turkey Reds were a drawing and Pinkertons were actual photographs, which also came in multiple variations, either with or without borders. Some players are no longer on the checklist because they simply don't seem to exist anymore. Collectors will get them and pass them on to future generations.

The prices are:

Luderus, Titus, Dooin, Stack, Bransfield, Magee, Knabe, Walsh, Moore, Doolan, Brennan, Ewing and Schletter, all carry the same price tag of $800. Ty Cobb is the highest priced of the set, pricing at $7,250.

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