Gonzalez: "Everybody is a part of something"

Giovany Gonzalez arrived in the Phillies organization and quickly vaulted toward the top of the prospects lists. Through his first couple of starts, it's easy to see just how much talent he has.

Giovany Gonzalez could probably fit in anywhere, but he's especially happy in the Phillies organization. "We all treat each other as a family. We all want each other to succeed," said Gonzalez of his new Reading teammates.

For Gonzalez, he looks to fit in and doesn't need to stand out. He applies that attitude to the comparisons that people will make about all of the talented left-handers in the organization. "I don't really want to stand out, I just want to go with them," said Gonzalez. "We're all part of one body and people are going to know who we are eventually. Individually, we all have our own styles, but we're all going to try to win the same. Everybody is a part of something."

Through his first two starts, winning has come pretty easy for Gonzalez. After all, it's tough to lose when you've thrown 12 shutout innings to start the season. Gonzalez threw five shutout innings in his first start at Bowie and added another seven last week against Altoona. Opponents are hitting just .167 against him.

Reading pitching coach Tom Filer believes that Gonzalez has all the makings of a top of the rotation starter down the road. "Gio has three pitches that are above average. The sky is the limit for this kid. I look at his arm and I think 'man', you look at his tools and you know he's going to be good. He has some refining to do, but he's got a low-90s fastball, a hard breaking curve ball and a change-up that is really improving," said Filer in his review of Gonzalez.

Having Gonzalez and his former White Sox prospect and buddy Daniel Haigwood together at AA makes a lot of sense. "Daniel is a good buddy, we get along great and we've become good friends," said Gonzalez. Haigwood had echoed the feelings earlier when he talked about Gio. "It's a little easier having him here, because we know each other and I have a lot of respect for him and his abilities."

Gonzalez makes his third start of the season for Reading Wednesday night when they host the Connecticut Defenders.

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