Legg Believes in Doing Things The Right Way

Clearwater Threshers manager Greg Legg brings an unrestrained passion and enjoyment of the game that he tries to impart on his young players. Despite being the steward of a Clearwater team that went 41-95 last season, Legg's passion for the game has stayed constant and this makes him one of the system's best managers.

Greg Legg is a humble manager who has spent 13 years in the Phillies organization, but who is an invaluable asset to the young Single-A players he is responsible for molding. In Legg's second season at the helm of the Threshers, his team is off to the second best start in the Phillies' organization at 7-6, just a half-game behind Scranton. This turnaround isn't so much attributed to talent as it is to the way Legg tries to make his players the best players they can be on their way to the next level.

"I try to be the same every day and its hard because you're away from your family and in a different city every night, but I really try to be the same everyday and come to the park everyday with a passion and love of the game," said Legg.

Legg believes this enthusiasm is crucial, especially for young players. Legg's passion for the game is rivaled only by the passion of P.J. Forbes in Reading among the organization's managers. These two men instill the organization's young players with the enthusiasm and desire to play the game the right way that is so necessary to build a winning organization from the bottom to the top.

"Obviously the fundamentals are important, but I think keeping yourself mentally prepared to play the game is important too," said Legg.

Legg realizes that for players and teams to succeed, they have to be versed in playing the game the right way and this includes the dreaded fundamentals. Legg's efforts at getting his players to internalize the fundamentals will allow Phillies fans to reap the benefits of quality players who know how to play the right way for years to come. Legg tries to craft his players so that they can succeed not only in the Florida State League, but will also be well positioned to contribute if and when they are promoted within the organization to Reading or Scranton. He takes great pride in the fact that he is able to promote players after seeing them perform and knows they are ready to contribute at a higher level.

"As part of the development staff, obviously we want to win, but it's a great feeling when you see a guy go up and play at a higher level, and you know you were a part of that.

"When you're developing players, I hope that when I send a guy up that they know [in Reading and Scranton] that they're not just going to get a player who's going to be a body, but who can contribute and help them win games," said Legg.

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