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If you're interested in vintage baseball collectibles, we've got the info you need. Our Vintage Sports Report takes you into the world of classic baseball collectibles. This week, information on Mayo's Cut Plug cards from 1895.

Before I begin today, I want to correct myself. I stated that the Phillies never played as the Blue Jays, which was wrong. During the 1943 and 1944 seasons, they did play as the Blue Jays. They were pretty unforgettable seasons and fielded terrible teams. They also were the Quakers from 1883 to 1889. Hope I've got it straight now.

Today we'll look at Mayo's Cut Plug from 1895. These are very nice cards that have stood up well for their age, and you can find them graded at higher grades. The cards were black and white, un-numbered and blank backed. They also made a football version of these, which are harder to find, and are in college uniforms.

What you want to watch out for is counterfeiters; if it looks too good it probably is. Counterfeiting has become a big business in recent years. Also reprints or replications, which are made as a guide to the set, or in some cases to fool even the most knowledgeable people in sports.

Philadelphia players in this set are:

  • Cross - $1250
  • Delahanty - $8000
  • Haddock - $1250
  • Haliman - $1250
  • Hamilton - 6000
  • Nichols - $6000
  • Robinson - $6000
  • Haliman, Nichols and Robinson may be in a uniform besides Philadelphia. This is the period in time when Philadelphia ruled baseball with very good pitching and outstanding hitting. Hall of Famers including Kid Nichols, Ed Delahanty, Billy Hamilton, Beals Becker and others all played in Philadelphia. When remembering Phillies history these are the most overlooked players, collecting them will keep their names in the forefront.

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