Vintage Sports Report

Phillies collectibles are always popular among fans. While cards are the most well known part of collecting, there are other pieces of memorabilia that are fun and profitable to collect.

Hello Again, my subject this week will not be on any cards but instead, we'll take a look at stickers, which are quite valuable when found intact. This item is also a regional item, which means it was made only for publication or issued in a small area. That makes it more valuable in that area, but harder to find in others. I hope this all makes sense.

The item we'll focus on is the 1949 Sealtest Phillies stickers. It was a set of 12 players from the 1949 team and was issued by the Sealtest dairy, consisting of large stickers-on a peel back card. The front of the unnumbered cards were an action photo, with a facsimile autograph, and the back had an advertisement for the dairy products.

This set was also issued under a different name the same year by Lummis Peanut Butter and either name can be used when putting the set together since it is interchangeable. As far as value, the Robin Roberts and Richie Ashburn stickers both go for $700 each, while the Curt Simmons goes for $300. The rest of the set goes for $250 each and they include Hank Borowy, Del Ennis, Granny Hammner, Willy Jones, Russ Meyer, Bill Nicholson, Schoolboy Rowe, Andy Seminick and Eddie Waitkus. This is one of the more valuable regional sets from Philadelphia and is memorable since 1950 was a big year in Philadelphia.

Other regional items are 1952 Philadelphia player pins, 1948 Philadelphia Bulletin Stand-ups, 1949 Philadelphia Bulletin photos, 1950 Philadelphia Bulletin pin-ups, 1964 Philadelphia Bulletin Phillies Album, 1950 Philadelphia Inquirer Fightin Phillies, 1954 Philadelphia Inquirer Album of Baseball Stars, Phillies Photo Packs of 1943, 1958-1960, 1965 Philadelphia Phillies Player Pins, 1965 Philadelphia Phillies Tiles and 1967 Phillies Safe Driving.

Each year the Phillies publish a photo pack that initially costs between five and ten dollars. Once these items are 20-30 years old, they can be worth anywhere between $1 and $200. Next time you go to Citizen Bank Park pick up a pack or three and put them away for a few years and see what happens. The packs will be especially valuable if one of the players becomes a Hall of Famer.

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