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This week, we've got a look at two very similar card sets. The E101 and E102 sets are interesting in that it's not even known who published the cards, but they've got some nice players, including some key Phillies.

Hello Sports fans. How do you like the ride the Phillies have been On? Isn't it good to see them on a nice roll? I know I'm lovin' it, since my season ticket package kicks in this week.

Let's get to the subject matter; this week I will talk about two different sets, which are so close you have to take one with the other. They are E101 and E102, both published in 1909. E101 is called the "Set of 50" the best players in the American and National leagues. E102 is called the "Set of 25" best players of that year.

E101's are easier to find, and at times are mistakenly sold as E102's but the big difference is that on the E102's there are no identifying marks or advertising, like on the 101's. The 101's are more readily available in varying degrees and while the star players can be found, they cost between $1,000 and $4,000. Those players include Honus Wagner, Ty Cobb, Christy Mathewson and Cy Young.

The following Phillies are in the set:

  • Red Dooin - $325
  • Mickey Doolan - $325
  • Fred Jacklitsch - $325
  • Otto Knabe - $325
  • Sherry Magee - $325
  • The E102's are more difficult to find, and each card has a checklist on the back of the card. It's not even known who published the cards. Actually, there are quite a few sets that are like this that become public, with no idea who cataloged them.

    The Phillies in the E102 set are:

  • Red Dooin - $450
  • Otto Knabe - $450
  • Sherry Magee - $450
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