Drabek Talented, But Brings Question Marks

Kyle Drabek has a major league pedigree and loads of talent, but he also has plenty of question marks. The Phillies appeared willing to look past those questions to take Drabek with their first pick in the MLB Draft.

Pat Gillick has no fear of picking young high school talent in the draft. In fact, he believes that their upside and potential are well worth the risk. Drafting Kyle Drabek with the 18th overall pick in the draft is certainly a risk and Gillick was willing to take it.

The question on Drabek surrounds his behavior both on and off the field. He's shown a temper on the field and has had some scrapes with the law off the field. Many teams simply declined to really even look at Drabek, because there were so many concerns about his attitude.

Drabek played both shortstop and pitcher in high school and many scouts believe he's a better pitching prospect than his father, Doug Drabek was. They also believe that he's a talented offensive player who could move through a system quickly in the right situation. Drabek is generally thought of as having as much or more talent than anybody in the draft, if you're willing to look past the character issues that drafting him brings to the forefront.

Drabek has a decent slider and change-up and throws a fastball in the low to mid 90 mile per hour range. He will need a little coaching on his mechanics if he's going to succeed at the professional level, but it's nothing that can't be fixed. As a hitter, Drabek and Bishop Eustace Prep prospect Billy Rowell are thought to be the best infield hitting prospects in the draft. Both have drawn some mild comparisons to Cal Ripken, Jr. although that's a lofty comparison to put on a high school player.

The Phillies appear set on using Drabek on the mound.

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