Analyzing Day One For The Phillies

It's not too tough to see where the Phillies were focusing their efforts on day one of the MLB Draft. With plenty of left-handed pitching in the system, just one lefty made it onto the Phillies Draft Board.

The Phillies simply don't need much pitching - especially when it comes to left-handers. With that in mind, they set out to find the right position players while not passing up pitching prospects to keep their system stocked. In fact, they started the draft by grabbing right-hander Kyle Drabek, who brings baggage, but also brings a lot of talent to the organization.

The good news on Drabek is that he appears ready to start his pro career and doesn't figure to be a tough sign. He also figures to be able to move through the system at a decent pace even though he comes to the Phillies out of high school. In fact, he's still pitching for his high school in the playoffs this weekend.

Two of the Phillies first three picks were pitchers and later, they reeled off three pitchers in a row in rounds nine, ten and eleven. In between, the Phillies grabbed position players that made sense for their organization, but the pickings were slim as the position players in this draft didn't run very deep.

High school shortstop Adrian Cardenas could be a huge find for the Phillies. Most scouts put most of their effort into scouting Cardenas' teammate Chris Marrero, but the Phillies believed that Cardenas would bring an even higher potential to their organization. While Marrero was drafted by the Washington Nationals with the 15th overall pick, Cardenas lasted until the supplemental round when the Phillies took him with the 37th overall pick. This is a kid who told Phillies brass that he is the next Chase Utley and the front office folks came to believe it after watching him play. The Phillies drafted him as a shortstop, but he may have to move to second base if his defense doesn't show some improvement.

To be sure they would have help at the shortstop position, the Phillies took two college shortstops, just to be sure. Jason Donald comes to the Phillies from the University of Arizona and Zachary Penprase is out of Mississippi Valley State. Donald was drafted in the third round and Penprase came ten rounds later.

With catching depth in the organization, the Phillies didn't draft a catcher on day one, but will likely scour for a couple on the final day of the draft.

Outfielders were the order of the day as the Phillies took seven outfielders in their 19 picks. The highest drafted outfielder was high schooler D'Arby Myers, who has a commitment to attend USC. The Phillies believe there's a better than average chance that he could wind up signing with them anyway. His family had given indications that they would prefer for him to go to USC and get an education, but if the money is right, the Phillies could win out. Fifth rounder Quintin Berry has great speed and his power is starting to develop. The Phillies believe that he will become somewhat of a sleeper pick that could put it all together in the minors and be a nice addition to the organization.

Looking Back At Day One

LH Pitchers 0 1
RH Pitchers 2 4
     PITCHERS 2 5
First Basemen 0 1
Second Basemen 0 0
Third Basemen 0 1
Shortstops 1 2
Outfielders 4 3
Catchers 0 0
     OVERALL 7 12

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