Draft Profile: Dan Brauer

The Phillies selected just one left-hander on day one of the MLB Draft, but they believe he's going to be a good one. Northwestern's Dan Brauer looks to take his spot among the top lefties in the organization and rival his college buddy, too.

"I know a little bit about the Phillies from talking to Jay," said Dan Brauer of his college teammate and friend J.A. Happ. The Phillies took Happ in the third round of the 2004 Draft and while Brauer didn't come quite that high, the Phillies think he'll be a strong addition to their organization. "Jay called me before he pitched on Tuesday and congratulated me," said Brauer. "That meant a lot." The two became good friends while pitching for Northwestern and Happ has told his buddy good things about the Phillies organization.

The Phillies didn't surprise Brauer by drafting him, since they were hot on his trail for some time. "The Phillies and Orioles were the two teams that followed me the most," said Brauer. "I figured to go somewhere in the fourth or fifth round, too, so I was watching their picks in those rounds," explained Brauer.

When scouts talk about Brauer, they mention his tough mentality and his ability to go right at hitters, no matter who they are. "I am competitive and I guess I'm somewhat of a bulldog on the mound. I definitely like to go right after hitters and I'm not afraid to pitch inside," said Brauer.

As for his arsenal, Brauer has a decent fastball that generally sits around the 90 mile per hour mark, but he likes his other pitches a lot, too. "I like to throw my curve and change-up. I've got a bit of a slurve that I've worked on and with my fastball, I can generally find something that works," said Brauer.

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