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This week, there are two different items to examine. The first is an unusual stamp set and the other, a controversial set of cards. Both feature some popular Phillies and could be affordable to the average collector.

This week, we're not going to look at a card set, but rather a stamp set.

The 1915 Postaco Stamps are one of the most colorful items around, if you can find one and if it's in nice shape. These surfaced for the first time in the mid 1990's in sheets but since have been separated and are individual in raw or graded form. They feature blank and white player portraits on a yellow, or red-orange background. The players name, position and in most cases, their league are designated at the bottom of the picture. I purchased one not too long ago, in perfect condition, and it was a work of art. It's truly a collectable that is worth the money and to be held for years to come. The value will only go up in time, and become even more rare than they are today.

The Phillies in this set are: Grover Cleveland Alexander (yellow background), which is worth about $100 in raw form and much higher graded condition. In the Red-Orange background, is Sherry Magee, which brings about $30.00 and Hans Lobert, who also brings about $30.00. As of now there are 36 known different players, but there may be more. That is part of the excitement of finding vintage items; an uncatalogued item is quite valuable.

The other item I want to write about is a much newer item, but no less rare. There is controversy surrounding this item as to where it originated, and its inception. This has caused variable prices in most of the cards issued, and has kept the value very low. The item is simply called 1971 "House of Jazz". A 25 card set that has House of Jazz stamped on the back.

Supposedly these were a giveaway with a purchase of music. Some cards have also surfaced with musicians on them also and have the same markings as the baseball cards. The cards are the size of an exhibit card with rounded corners, and have a blue and black address sticker on the back.

Phillies in the set include Richie Ashburn, Granny Hamner, Jim Konstanty and Stan Lopata. The price of the cards run between five and six dollars. The most valuable cards in the set are Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle. Also included in the set were, Joe Dimaggio, Lou Gehrig, Willie Mays and Ted Williams.

It's a very diverse set, which excludes stars like Ty Cobb and Roberto Clemente, but includes Herman Franks and Burt Shotton, who may have had some link to either the store or its owner, which would explain why they would be included in the set while other bigger names were not.

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