Draft Picks Signing Quickly With Phils

The Phillies aren't wasting any time in getting the players that they drafted just a week ago to sign deals. So far, over half of the 51 players have signed deals, including seven of the first ten players drafted by the Phillies.

Let's face it, first rounders take a little longer to sign. The Phillies though are hopeful that their first rounder, Kyle Drabek, will be in Philadelphia perhaps later this week to sign his deal and be introduced to the media. The two sides have already talked and have a face-to-face meeting set for Tuesday night.

Adrian Cardenas, who was the Phillies sandwich pick between rounds one and two, inked a deal Monday. Second rounder Andrew Carpenter and third rounder Jason Donald have also both signed. Quintin Berry, who told PhillyBaseballNews.com last week that he didn't anticipate any problems getting signed, stayed true to his word and is officially in the fold. Dan Brauer, Charlie Yarbrough and T.J. Warren are the others among the top ten picks who have signed.

The Phillies have also reported progress with D'Arby Myers, their fourth rounder, who was thought to be a tough sign. Myers has a commitment to attend USC, but the Phillies have apparently been pretty persuasive in talking with him and Myers may decide to sign with the Phillies rather than pursue college as his family would prefer.

First Day Picks and their status





1 (18) Kyle Drabek RHP R/R Woodlands HS 12/8/1987 (18)  
1S (37) Adrian Cardenas SS L/R Monsignor Pace HS 10/10/1987 (18) SIGNED
2 (65) Andrew Carpenter RHP R/R Long Beach State 5/18/1985 (21) SIGNED
3 (97) Jason Donald SS R/R Univ. of Arizona 9/4/1984 (21) SIGNED
4 (127) D'Arby Myers CF R/R Westchester HS 12/9/1988 (17)  
5 (157) Quintin Berry CF L/L San Diego State 11/21/1984 (21) SIGNED
6 (187) Daniel Brauer LHP L/L Northwestern 10/14/1983 (22) SIGNED
7 (217) Charlie Yarbrough 1B R/R Eastern Kentucky 11/7/1984 (21) SIGNED
8 (247) T.J. Warren OF R/R Bethel HS 8/17/1988 (17) SIGNED
9 (277) Andrew Cruse RHP R/R South Carolina - Columbia 5/31/1984 (22)  
10 (307) Samuel Walls RHP R/R N.Carolina St. 10/31/1983 (22)  
11 (337) Jarrod Freeman RHP R/R Alta HS 11/20/1987 (18) SIGNED
12 (367) Darin McDonald OF R/R Cherry Creek HS 11/3/1987 (18) SIGNED
13 (397) Zachary Penprase SS R/R Miss. Valley State 2/16/1985 (21) SIGNED
14 (427) Ken Milner CF R/R U of Kansas 4/21/1984 SIGNED
15 (457) Riley Cooper CF R/R Clearwater Cent. Cath. 9/9/1987 May decide to play football at the Univ of FLA.
16 (487) Cody Montgomery 3B S/R Dallas Baptist Univ. 10/28/1983 (22) SIGNED
17 (517) Jay Miller OF R/R Washington State 8/11/1983 (22) SIGNED
18 (547) Michael Dubee RHP R/R Okaloosa Walton CC 1/12/1986 (20) Son of pitching coach Rich Dubee.

Second Day Picks and their status

19 Robert Roth RHP R/R Lewiston HS 8/5/1988 SIGNED
20 Dominic Brown RHP R/R Redan HS 9/3/1987  
21 Jacob Dempsey OF L/L Winthrop U 9/24/1983 SIGNED
22 Ben Pfinsgraff RHP R/R Maryland 11/13/1983 SIGNED
23 Shawn McGill C R/R Boston College 2/29/1984 SIGNED
24 Garet Hill RHP R/R Biola Univ 5/24/1984 SIGNED
25 William Mohl RHP R/R Tulane 6/1/1984 SIGNED
26 William Savage RHP R/R Oklahoma 8/25/1984 SIGNED
27 John Brownell RHP R/R Oklahoma 6/28/1983 SIGNED
28 Herman Demmink 3B L/R Clemson 9/21/1983 SIGNED
29 Michael Fuentes C L/R Coastal Carolina 12/15/1983 SIGNED
30 William Capps OF S/R Texas Tech 9/3/1982 SIGNED
31 Bruce Billings RHP R/R San Diego State 11/18/1985  
32 Alan Robbins C L/R Winthrop 7/7/1983 SIGNED
33 Michael Deveaux SS R/R Georgia Coll & State Univ 5/9/1984 SIGNED
34 Josh Thrailkill RHP R/R TC Roberson HS 12/25/1987  
35 Rashad Taylor CF R/R Skyline Coll 1/26/1987  
36 Kyle Gibson RHP R/R Greenfield Central HS 10/23/1987  
37 Shawn Epps RHP R/R Northern Ok 3/26/1986  
38 Robert Haney SS L/R Kings Park HS 8/16/1988  
39 Gerald Mohrmann RHP R/R Manitou Springs HS 10/27/1987  
40 Nathan Solow LHP L/L La Cueva HS 10/30/1987  
41 Michael Antonini LHP R/L Georgia Coll & State Univ 8/6/1985  
42 Daniel Faulkner RHP R/R Bishop Noll Institute 7/19/1988  
43 Yazy Arbelo 1B L/R John Carroll HS 4/7/1988  
44 Michael Petello CF R/R Saguaro HS 7/22/1988  
45 Patrick Murray 1B R/R Santa Ana College 12/24/1986  
46 Trayvon Johnson C R/R Community Harvest Charter 7/25/1987  
47 Tylien Manumaleuna 3B L/R Dixis HS 3/1/1988  
48 Nicholas Morreale C R/R Vernon Hills HS 4/8/1988  
49 Olivier Routhier-Pare LHP R/L Ahuntsic Coll 4/14/1989  
50 Matthew Adams 2B R/R Kings Acad. 1/25/1988  

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