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Even hampered by a surgically repaired shoulder, Randy Ruth is able to bring us a look back at a couple of different card sets, going back as far as 1914. This week, the Vintage Sports Report looks at the Tharp's Ice Cream and Texas Tommy card sets.

Just to let all of you know, my shoulder surgery went well, but now I need to have a secretary (my wife) type my report for me for the next few weeks. This week, she'll by typing out my thoughts on the 1928 Tharp's Ice Cream and 1914 Texas Tommy.

First we'll go with Tharp's Ice Cream. It's a 60 card set and includes the top stars of 1928. Cards are printed black and white and there appears to have been two different types issued, but the extent of each version is unknown. The variations are found in the players name and card number that can appear in either a strip within the frame of the photo or printed in the border beneath the photo. Card backs have a redemption offer that includes an ice cream bar in exchange for a Babe Ruth card, or a gallon of ice cream for a complete set of 60. Today, I would rather have the Babe Ruth card or the complete set that books for $14,000 or the Babe Ruth card, valued at $5,000.

The Phillies in the set include:

  • Grover Cleveland Alexander - $400.00
  • Stan Coveleskie - $125.00
  • Clarence Mitchell - $65.00
  • Eppa Rixey - $125.00
  • Cy Williams - $65.00
  • Next up are the 1914 Texas Tommy, types one and two. Type One is designated E224. The fronts feature sepia toned action photos of the players, with their name in capital letters and their team below in parenthesis. The back carries a lengthy player biography and most cards, but not all, have year by year stats. The words Texas Tommy – a candy bar brand from the Cardinet Candy Company out of Oakland, California - appear at the top of the card. The candy bar took its name from a popular dance of the era. Most examples of the set have been found in Northern California.

    There is also a second variety of the set, known as Type Two. They're smaller in size and have borderless pictures and a glossy finish. Some cards from this set have never surfaced.

    Phillies in Type One include:

  • Chief Bender - $5,500.00
  • Al DeMaree - $3,500.00
  • Otto Knabe - $3,500.00
  • The Type Two set includes just Fred Snodgrass ($4,000.00) as the lone Phillie.

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