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This week, there are two vintage card sets to take a look at and both feature their fair share of Phillies players. Going well back in time, we take a look at the 1917 Collins-McCarthy set and the 1909 Croft's Cocoa cards.

Here we are, another rainy week in Pennsylvania, and another losing streak for the Phillies. But, cheer up, better times are coming.

This week, we'll take a look at the 1917 Collins-McCarthy (E135) set, which was produced by the Collins-McCarthy Candy Company of San Francisco. This 200 card black and white set represents the company's only venture into issuing player cards. The cards are numbered alphabetically and measure 2" X 3 ¼" and are printed on thin stock. Though the set is titled Baseball Hall of Fame, many non-descript players are included in the set.

The Phillies in the set are:

  • Grover Cleveland Alexander - $500
  • Dave Bancroft - $350
  • Ping Bodie - $150
  • George Burns - $150
  • Harry Koveleski - $150
  • Gavvy Cravath - $150
  • Art Fletcher - $150
  • William Killefer - $150
  • Sherry Magee - $150
  • Lee Meadows - $150
  • Dode Paskert - $150
  • Other cards in the set include Babe Ruth ($12,500), Honus Wagner ($3,250) and the infamous Buck Weaver (1,000), who is famous for his part in the Chicago Black Sox scandal.

    Our second set this week is the 1909 Croft's Cocoa (E92). This set is similar to Dockman and Nadja which look similar and the players are basically the same, although the values are different.

    The Phillies in this set are:

  • Chief Bender - $1,200
  • Red Dooin - $400
  • Mickey Doolan - $250
  • Fred Jacklitsch - $400
  • Otto Kanabe - $400
  • Sherry Magee - $250
  • The highest valued card in the set is Ty Cobb with a $5,000 price tag and his card is followed in value by Christy Mathewson at $2,750.

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