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Baseball may be America's Pasttime, but it's not the only place in the world that boasts collectibles from the great game. In fact, this week, the Vintage Sports Report travels to Germany for a couple interesting items from years past.

For this weeks subject, we will do something a little bit different. There are two issues from Europe; 1909 German Baseball Stamps and 1923 German Baseball Transfers.

Let's start with the German Baseball Stamps. In the margin of the stamps is noted, "Made in Germany", but little else is known about them. The stamps measure 1 3/8" X 1 7/8". They are printed in bright colors on a pink background, with the player's name and team in blue. Because of their European origins there are many mistakes in player and team names. The crude pictures are not representative of the players named. It is evident, several different configurations of 35 cent stamp sheets must have been issued. Some of the single stamp prices include Kitty Bransfield, $65, (the only Philly in the set). Other featured players are Nap Lajoie ($100), Christie Mathewson ($325) and Honus Wagner ($285).

Next, the 1923 German Baseball Transfers. With crude artwork, lifted from the W515 Strip Card Set, this issue of baseball players transfers was produced in Germany. Approximately 1 3/16" X 1 ½", the stamps are printed in red on a green background, and in the white margin is printed "Made in Germany". Two of the baseball players are double prints. The Phillies in this set include Grover Cleveland Alexander ($45) and Dave Bancroft ($40). The highest valued cards in the set are Ty Cobb ($100) and Babe Ruth ($200).

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