Vintage Sports Report

This week, our Vintage Sports Report has a look at two more classic collectibles and the Phillies that are included in those sets. Get ready to travel back in time for baseball cards from 1921 and 1922.

Hello everyone. Made a trip to the Phillies game against Pittsburgh just before the All-Star Break and saw the Phils beat the Pirates; had a great time. Got a few Pirates autographs, including Mike Gonzalez, and Zack Duke. Also got a great autograph of one of the greats of Philadelphia, Greg Luzinski at Bulls BBQ.

This week, we'll again focus on two different subjects; the 1921 Oxford Confectionary & 1922 William Patterson.

Oxford Confectionary is from Oxford, Pennsylvania. The 20 card set was printed on thin paper and distributed with caramels. Each card measures 1 5/8" X 2 ¾" and features a black and white player photo with the players name and team printed in the white band along the bottom. The back of the card carries a check list of the players in the set, 14 of whom are now in the HOF. The set designation is E 253. The Phillies in the set include Grover Cleveland Alexander (valued at $800) and Cy Williams ($500). Others in the set include Babe Ruth ($7,500), Ty Cobb ($3,750) and Walter Johnson ($3,000).

The 1922 William Patterson, believed to be a Canadian candy premium, is a 50 card set of 2" X 3 ¾" cards featuring portraits or posed action photos with wide white borders. Beneath the photo is a card number, players name, team, and in two lines "William Patterson, Limited/ Bradford Canada". The backs are blank and there are two distinct types that are seen; black and white and sepia, though the reason for the variations is unknown. The Phillies in this set are Grover Cleveland Alexander ($525) and Cy Williams ($260). Other cards in the set include Babe Ruth ($8,000), Ty Cobb ($4,200) and Walter Johnson ($1,200).

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