Improving The Phils: Step 3 - Dead Weight

With our suggestions, the Phillies have made some lineup changes and sent Aaron Rowand back to Chicago. The work isn't done though, since there are some players who simply aren't carrying their weight and need to have new addresses before too long.

The first player that comes to mind when you mention dead weight is Arthur Rhodes. Having him serve as a setup man for Tom Gordon might have seemed like a good idea, but it has turned out to not be the best of plans. With that in mind, get him out of town. You're not going to get much for him, but that's okay. He's only signed through the rest of this season and there may be a team out there that would take a chance on him if they didn't have to give up much in return.

The exit of Rhodes allows the Phillies to bring back either Clay Condrey or Brian Sanches. Bringing back Sanches would probably be the way to go, since he's younger and the Phillies need to see what he can give them at the major league level. It would also allow them to move one of their relievers into the setup role - possibly even Sanches if he continues to develop - or to put Ryan Madson back into the bullpen and end his experiment with starting.

Second, when Sal Fasano is healthy, start shopping him. Again, there isn't going to be much coming back in exchange, but that's okay. His exit gives a definite spot for either Chris Coste or Carlos Ruiz and brings with it some increased playing time for one of those two players, who both not only deserve the exposure, but will allow the Phillies to make a better informed judgement on them during the off-season.

Rheal Cormier and Aaron Fultz aren't exactly dead weight and both have done a decent job for the Phillies, but at least one of them can easily be dealt. Cormier is the more likely bait, since he's older and can have his contract bought out for $500,000 after the season. You might get a decent prospect in exchange, but don't count on getting a player who is going to become a superstar.

Even if the Phillies were to package all of these players together, they wouldn't be getting much in return. What they would be doing is dropping some players who are either not doing what the Phillies had hoped or are expendable because of how other players are performing. These deals would open up increased opportunities for those players.

It's all part of Improving The Phillies.

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