Deals For Abreu & Burrell Fall Through

The Phillies appear to be more sellers than buyers, as two potential deals fell apart. In the first deal, the Phillies rejected an offer and in the second, it was a no-trade clause that ultimately sank the deal.

Bobby Abreu and Pat Burrell were close to becoming ex-Phillies, but both remain with the team because of different circumstances.

Burrell vetoed a deal that would have sent him to Baltimore for pitcher Rodrigo Lopez. The left-fielder also told that Phillies that at this time, the only teams he would waive his no-trade clause to go to would be Boston or the Yankees. That effectively ends speculation of a deal to St. Louis or possibly the Angels, two other teams that had varying degrees of interest in Burrell.

In the case of Abreu, the Phillies nixed a deal proposed by the Yankees that would have sent Abreu to New York. The Phillies have told the Yankees that they would want major league ready talent and/or top prospect Philip Hughes in exchange for Abreu. The proposed deal didn't include either - although third base prospect Eric Duncan was part of the package - and the Phillies wasted little time in rejecting the offer.

Talks between the Yankees and Phillies are basically over, as the Yankees will now focus on other options like Washington's Alfonso Soriano, Kansas City's Reggie Sanders and Pittsburgh's Craig Wilson. Should those deals not work out, they could return to the Phillies to ask about David Dellucci.

Neither the Yankees or Red Sox have shown much interest in Burrell, although both were interested in Abreu. The Red Sox may now take their turn at trying to pry Abreu away from the Phillies, but have insisted all along that the Phillies take Trot Nixon as part of the package of players coming to Philadelphia and Nixon doesn't interest the Phillies.

Monday's events could mean that the Phillies will go from potentially dealing both outfielders to possibly not being able to deal either player before next Monday's deadline.

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