What We're Hearing, Volume 3

The deadline looms ever closer and the Phillies have been taking and making a lot of phone calls. The focus on deals now though is shifting as some of the hot names from before aren't as hot now and other names are emerging on the trade front.

Cory Lidle

  • Toronto Blue Jays - This is currently the hottest discussion that the Phillies are having on the trade front. The Jays need some help for their rotation and Lidle fits perfectly. They're not looking for an ace, just somebody who can come in, give them some innings, keep them in ball games and do it all at a reasonable price. Lidle could be their guy. Lidle wont' bring a big name prospect in exchange, but will give the Phillies more than if he were to simply become a free agent at the end of the season and exit that way.
  • Cincinnati Reds - With the Reds upgrading their bullpen, a starter might be a nice addition. Lidle is cheap enough for Cincinnati and much like Toronto, he fits what the Reds are looking for.
  • Boston Red Sox - The Sox would like to add a starting pitcher and have Lidle on their radar. They're one of several clubs who will have scouts at Citizens Bank Park to watch Lidle pitch on Thursday (July 27).

Jon Lieber

  • New York Yankees - Joe Torre is almost pleading with GM Brian Cashman to focus on adding pitching. Being a veteran, Lidle could likely handle the pressure of pitching in New York and might actually be rejuvenated by being in a pennant race. He comes at a decent price and the Phillies certainly won't ask for a top prospect in exchange for the right-hander.
  • Boston Red Sox - Word was that the Sox were talking to the Phillies about a deal for either Bobby Abreu or Pat Burrell and brought up the idea of including Jon Lieber in the deal. Now, the Sox have soured somewhat on Burrell and Abreu, but are still considering Lieber as an option for a pitching staff that has been hit hard by injuries.

Bobby Abreu

  • New York Yankees - A deal that would have sent Abreu to the Yankees was proposed by the New Yorkers, but rejected by Pat Gillick because it didn't include any top prospects or major league ready talent. Gillick is insisting that teams include at least one or the other in any deal for Abreu. He keeps mentioning Philip Hughes to the Yankess, but that's not going to happen, especially since the Yankees are leaning toward picking up more pitching instead of offense.
  • Detroit Tigers - The Tigers were trying hard to get Tampa Bay's Aubrey Huff, but when he went to Houston, Detroit regrouped and is reportedly going hard after Abreu once again. The Tigers were thinking that pitching prospect Zach Miner and outfielder Craig Monroe would be fair value. The Phillies would rather have outfielder Marcus Thames and pitching prospect Jordan Tata, but the Tigers would be slow to give up both. Right now, the deal would likely be Thames and Miner for Abreu. One potential catch is that Abreu is likely to demand that the Tigers guarantee the final year of his contract in exchange for waiving his no-trade clause and reportedly, that's not out of the question for Detroit. "The
    Tigers know they need another bat, and a veteran from the left side like Abreu fits the bill," said Paul Wezner of TigsTown.com.
  • Seattle Mariners - The M's are considering making a major splash to try to turn the balance of power in the A.L. West. The division is winnable for Seattle and Abreu would go a long way toward helping them achieve that goal. The problem is whether they want to give up the players that it would take for the Phillies to consider a deal.

David Dellucci

  • St. Louis Cardinals - This is a team that could use some offense and they've been scouting Dellucci for a while now. Left field hasn't been a very productive spot in St. Louis this season and Dellucci could end that in a hurry. Veteran Scott Spiezio and rookie Chris Duncan are now getting a chance to see time in left and have improved the production somewhat, but the Cardinals may like to have someone who could come in and play everyday for them in left field. Dellucci would be a good fit in the Cardinals' lineup. The birds have stepped up their scouting efforts and could be preparing an offer to present to the Phillies for Dellucci.
  • Texas Rangers - The Rangers wouldn't mind getting Dellucci back into their lineup. The Phillies may well wind up dealing Dellucci, but they would like to get a decent prospect in exchange, since Dellucci has a track record as a power-hitting, everyday player in the majors. The Rangers aren't quite ready to bite, but they may need to if they're going to win the A.L. West.

Pat Burrell

  • Baltimore Orioles - The Phillies were going to settle for pitcher Rodrigo Lopez in exchange for the Orioles taking Burrell and the full brunt of his contract. The deal was dead on arrival when Burrell was asked to waive his no-trade clause to head down I-95. Burrell greatly narrowed the field by telling the Phillies that if they want to deal him, it better be to the Yankees or Red Sox. It's funny that he didn't include the Mets in that scenario, considering how he hits at Shea Stadium, although the Phillies sending Burrell to the Mets would have been an extreme long shot.

Tom Gordon

  • Chicago White Sox - If the Phillies want to send Gordon to Chicago for either Javier Vasquez or Freddy Garcia, the Sox might do the deal immediately. Vasquez and Garcia are both signed through next season, with Vasquez due $12.5 million and Garcia owed $10 million. The upside to Vasquez is that Arizona is paying $5 million of his salary over this year and next, so the cost could be about the same for either pitcher.
  • New York Yankees - If Gordon were to have his say on where he would be traded to, it's possible that New York would be the place. He enjoyed his time there and the Yankees are interested in bringing him back into the fold. You have to wonder if packaging Gordon and Abreu would pry Hughes away from the Bronx Bombers as part of a deal, but again, Cashman insists that he is not going to deal Hughes.
  • Cincinnati Reds - The Reds showed interest in both Gordon and either Aaron Fultz or Rheal Cormier. With the addition of Gary Majewski, they're likely not going to have the same interest, but don't count them out.


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