Vintage Sports Report

This week, there are two rare pieces of collectibles to examine. One of them was printed by a cigar company and the other by a tobacco company. Notice a trend here? We're going back over 100 years in this week's Vintage Sports Report.

One of the topics I am going to write about this week is a cigar issue, the 1910 Luxello Cigar pins. Also, we'll take a look at team issue, the very rare,1886 Loriland Team Cards. Remember, in my language, the word "rare" is defined "costly".

Let's start with the Loriland Team Cards, Issued in 1886 by the Loriland Tabacco Company. These 4" x 5 1/2 " were issued for only four teams - Chicago, Detroit, New York and Philadelphia. Each card contains the team schedule on one side and 11 player portraits enclosed in circles on the other. Each side has advertising for one of Lorilands brands of cigars, like Climax, Rebacca and others. To find the set of four would set you back about $45,000, but Philadelphia's is only a pittance at $7,500.

Then, there are the Luxello Cigars A's/Phillies Pins. A player from the two Philadephia teams are pictured on a 7/8" black and white pin. The players last name, team and position are printed below the photo with the Luxello Cigar name at the top. On the left and right are horseshoe monograms inside. There are 10 Phillies pins each with a value of $500.

I will be on vacation for the next two weeks, but I've worked ahead, so there will be some new information from me. I'm off to Tennessee to visit grandchildren, then going to Florida for some house hunting in the Fort Myers area. I will also be looking forward to seeing either Clearwater or the Gulf Coast Phils play as part of my trip.

Remember that if you have any questions or comments, feel free to e-mail them to me at I will be checking in a few times while on vacation to see if I get any mail, because on an average day I receive around 200 e-mails, so I don't like them to build up too much.

See you all soon.

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