Vintage Sports Report

This week's edition of the Vintage Sports Report has two issues. One goes back over 50 years and the other goes all the way back to 1888.

Hi everyone. This week we'll be discussing 1949 Lummis Peanut Butter Phillies and also 1888 McIntire Studio Cabinets.

The 1949 Lummis Peanut Butter Phillies were issued only in the Philadelphia area and were of course, issued by the Lummis Peanut Butter company. The cards measure 3 ¼" X 4 ¼" and are not numbered. The fronts feature an action photo with a facsimile autograph, while the backs advertise a game ticket promotion by Lummis Peanut Butter. The same photos and check list were also used for a regional sticker card set issued by Sealtest Dairy in the same year. The 12 card set is valued at $22,500 with the highest cards being Richie Ashburn and Robin Roberts; both are valued at $4,500.

The 1888 McIntire Studio Cabinets are a somewhat mysterious issue. The number of baseball players who found themselves in front of the lens at the McIntire Photo Studio is unknown, but may well have exceeded the two known poses of Harry Wright, the Hall of Fame manager of the Philadelphia Nationals. There are others that are believed to exist, but these are the only two to have surfaced. In standard cabinet card format of about 3 ¾"" X 5 ¾", the pieces feature a cream colored mount with a sepia photo that is the same found on Wright's Old Judge cards. There are two poses and each are valued at $6,500 each.

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