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Some of the most valuable collectibles were actually done as advertising programs for various products. While tobacco cards are popular, this week, part of our Vintage Sports Report talks about a slightly less popular advertising product; dog food.

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Our report this week features the 1955 Mascot Dog Food and 1895 Mayo Cut Plug cards.

First off, 1955 Mascot Dog Food. It is likely other player's cards exist, because the back of the cards mentions eight cards printed on the label of the dog food can. As of now, the one card that has surfaced is Robin Roberts in a Phillies uniform. The cards are in black and white, and measure 3 ½" X 5 ½". It has a glossy front with an action pose and a facsimile autograph personalized "TO MY MASCOT". The player's name and position are printed in black in the bottom border. The back has an ad for a fan club offering of an autographed 8 X 10, a membership card and pin and a set of eight post cards for a quarter and a label. The Robin Roberts card is valued at $450.

Then, there's the 1895 Mayo's Cut Plug (N300). These 1 5/8" X 2 7/8" cards were issued by the Mayo Tobacco Works of Richmond, VA. There are 48 cards in the set, with 40 different players pictured. 28 of the players are pictured in uniform and 12 are shown in street clothes. Eight players appear both ways and eight of the uniformed players also appear in two variations, creating the 48 card total.

Card fronts are black and white or sepia portraits on black cardboard with the Mayo's cut plug ad at the bottom of each card. Cards have a black back and are unnumbered. The complete set of 48 cards is valued at $150,000. The Phillies in the set include Ed Delahanty at $85,000, George Haddock at $1,250, Bill Halliman at $1,250, Billy Hamilton at $4,000, & Lave Cross at $1,250.

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