Scouting The Top 50: Travis Minix

Travis Minix was ranked at number 50 on the list of the top 50 prospects in the Phillies' organization. This past season wasn't bad at all for Minix, but he hasn't gotten a lot of attention.

Travis Minix is probably wondering what he has to do to get some attention. He's one of those guys that might have gotten a September audition had the Phillies not been in a pennant race. Instead, he finished up a strong season at AAA and is wondering about what's next for him.

Travis Minix' 2006 Stats

Scranton - AAA 1 3 2.40 3 40 0 48.2 44 18 13 12 27 4 1.15

Status: Minix is eligible for minor league free agency if he isn't added to the Phillies' 40 man roster by October 15th. It's possible that he would be added, but the Phillies don't seem to be overly concerned about keeping him in the organization.

Scouting Notes: There's a lot to like about Minix' numbers from 2006. He was tough on both right-handers and left-handers (lefties hit .246, righties .231 against him), but he didn't get a lot of innings pitched for the amount of games that he was in. He pitched more than one inning in just 12 of his 40 games and pitched less than a full inning in 10 games.

The bad news in his numbers comes when runners are in scoring position, which is a fatal flaw. With runners in scoring position, opponents hit .309 against Minix and with runners in scoring position and two outs, they hit .292 against him. Those are numbers that could be a bit scary for a right-handed reliever.

Analysis: When Minix joined the organization just prior to the 2005 season, he was happy to be out of the Devil Rays' organization where it seemed he was constantly being overlooked. Now, having posted a two-season mark of 3-4, 2.21 with 11 saves with the Phillies, Minix again appears to have been somewhat overlooked. His future could be elsewhere if he hits minor league free agency.

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