Vintage Sports Report Takes Hiatus

The Vintage Sports Report will be going on a hiatus, but plans are for the feature to return to its regular weekly slot in a few short weeks.

Hello sports fans, it is a busy time for the Phillies right now, trying to fill in pieces for their upcoming season.

I have enjoyed the e-mail I have been getting lately. I hope I helped a few people out. I wanted to let you know my article will be put on hold for the time being. I am in the process of moving and I need additional time to get packed and ready to go. I will be departing the area on December 10th for Fort Myers, Florida, where my wife and I will be looking at homes and trying to finalize a deal. In the meantime, while I am down there I will be looking at my new location of business also, in Fleamasters, a huge 900 vendor location in Fort Myers. So, if you are ever in the area stop in and we can chat for awhile.

The weekend of Dec 10th I also am doing a sportshow in Allentown, Pennsylvania and also another one the weekend of November 25th. My last show of the year will be New Years weekend. All I have been doing is packing and sorting through inventory of what will go and what will stay. We hope to put some on eBay and some in local auctions.

I have enjoyed my stay with I enjoy getting on the message boards and talking to all of you, we may not always agree, but that's life. right. I hope to do a few more articles before I depart and then once I am set up again in Florida, hope you welcome me back.

Also, please note that my e-mail address will be changing. You can e-mail me at Please feel free to e-mail me with any article requests or comments. I will still be checking my messages two or three times each day.

Thank you all again got reading my articles, and I hope you enjoy them and learned a little about the vintage collectables that are out there.

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