Phillies Deal Conine To Cincinnati

The Reds were looking for a right-handed bat and the Phillies had a surplus of outfielders with the addition of Jayson Werth. So, the Phillies sent Jeff Conine to Cincinnati, getting a couple of young bats in exchange.

Outfielder Javon Moran was a victim of an outfield surplus when he was a member of the Phillies. With a glut of young outfielders, the Phillies deemed Moran expendable and dealt him away to Cincinnati. Now, Moran returns to the Phillies because of a glut of major league outfielders.

Along with Moran, the Phillies got infielder Brad Key for 40 year old utility outfielder Jeff Conine. The Phillies added outfielder Jayson Werth earlier this week, paying him $2.5 million for 2007 with an option for 2008. Conine was set to make $2 million next season, thanks to a vesting option in his contract that guaranteed his deal for 2007. Even though Werth is coming off a wrist injury, GM Pat Gillick felt he was a better fit for the Phillies. Conine will fill a void for the Reds that was created when Rich Aurilia headed for free agency.

Moran and Key both played in the lower levels of the minors in 2006.

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