By Popular Demand, One Final Chance

We received a lot of e-mails from people who missed their opportunity at getting our inaugural Prospect Guide. So, because we're softies we've come up with another chance to get your copy of The 2007 Prospect Guide with an annual subscription. Current users can also upgrade to an annual subscription and also get their copy. brings you all the inside information on the Phillies' prospects, just as the other sites on the network do. Now is your chance to get all of that information at your fingertips in two different ways.

Sign up now for an annual subscription to and get premium access to all of the stories on the Philadelphia Phillies and every other team. Plus, you get premium access to all of the college and NFL sites as well. All of the information from every sport will be at your fingertips. And with your subscription, you get your copy of the inaugural Prospect Guide. Get all the information on prospects from around the minors, including the ones that could be hitting the majors this season.

You could have had this for free!
But, that's not all.

An annual subscription also brings other freebies. Get a one-year subscription to Sports Illustrated with your annual subscription to That's right, you get a full year of Sports Illustrated with your $79.95 investment in an annual PBN subscription. And, you also get a $15.00 gift certificate to use on, the internet's leading sports fantasy site.

Do the math. A full one-year subscription to Sports Illustrated valued at $39.95, plus the $15.00 gift certificate to and the free Prospect Guide and it all comes with premium access to every MLB, NFL and college site on the network all for $79.95.

You will have this for free!

If you currently have a monthly or three-month subscription to, just upgrade to an annual subscription and all of the freebies are yours! Current annual subscribers need only to provide their mailing address to get their Prospect Guide sent to them at no charge. See the instructions at the end of this article to provide your mailing information.

Act now, because the offer ends on Monday.

Don't miss out on Phillies Spring Training info, March Madness and all the news of the Eagles' off-season and their next run at the Super Bowl. You'll get all this and more with your annual subscription to

Instructions for current annual subscribers to get their Prospect Guide.

  1. Click the "My Account" link under the search bar on the top right corner of the front page.
  2. Click the "My Subscriptions" link.
  3. Under your subscription record, click "Edit this shipping address".
  4. Enter your current mailing address and click update and you are now set to receive the prospect guide.

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