Top Prospect #47: Travis Minix

What does Travis Minix have to do to get a shot at the majors? The 29 year old right-hander has consistently put up good numbers, but doesn't seem to be in the Phillies' plans for 2007. This is a free preview of content that is normally reserved for premium subscribers.

Last season, the Phillies didn't have their bullpen completely settled coming into camp. The same is true this season. So, will this be the year that Travis Minix can break through and win a spot with the major league club? If he does, it will be a bit of a surprise, since he's not being talked about as a candidate for a bullpen job.

A veteran reliever with eight minor league seasons under his belt, Minix has a career ERA of 2.91 in the pros. His Triple-A ERA is only slightly higher at 3.08 in all or parts of three seasons, covering 76 appearances. He has a strong walks-to-strikeouts ratio, a career record of 27-19 and consistently holds opponents to averages around the .220 mark. So why hasn't Minix gotten a shot at the majors?

Good question.

The answer isn't easy, because there is no glaring answer. Minix has done all he can, being the good soldier, enduring six seasons in the Devil Rays organization before signing with the Phillies as a minor league free agent before the 2005 season and has simply done all that has been asked of him. The only real answer is that teams are concerned because he doesn't have a lot of velocity. Minix generally throws just over the 90 mile per hour mark, but still gets hitters out.

Travis Minix' career stats

'99 Hudson Valley (A) 2 2 1.44 7 27 0 56.1 36 11 9 2 12 68
'00 Charleston (A) 4 2 3.33 2 48 1 78.1 85 36 29 5 27 73
'02 Orlando (AA) 5 7 3.04 0 38 1 68.0 70 31 23 3 29 49
'03 Orlando (AA) 5 3 3.86 0 44 6 79.1 86 40 34 7 14 70
'04 Montgomery (AA) 0 0 1.76 1 12 0 15.1 12 3 3 1 3 18
'04 Durham (AAA) 3 0 4.75 1 22 0 36.0 39 27 19 6 10 28
'05 Reading (AA) 1 1 1.84 7 39 0 58.2 44 13 12 3 15 55
'05 Scranton (AAA) 1 0 1.53 1 14 0 17.2 9 3 3 2 3 13
'06 Scranton (AAA) 1 3 2.40 3 40 0 48.2 44 18 13 4 12 27
Career 22 18 2.91 22 284 8 458.1 425 182 145 33 125 401

Acquired: Was originally drafted by Tampa Bay in the 23rd round of the 1999 Draft and pitched in the Devil Rays organization through the 2004 season. The Phillies signed him as a minor league free agent in March of 2005 and he has been in the organization ever since.

Repertoire: Minix is one of those guys who simply doesn't throw very hard. He's generally just over the 90 mile per hour mark and sometimes puts a little more on his fastball to gain a couple extra miles per hour. He gets good movement on his fastball and mixes in a decent change-up to keep hitters honest. He'll also throw an occasional slider and he keeps everything down in the zone.

Projection: Minix should be able to fit into a major league bullpen in some capacity. He is quick to point out that Nationals' closer Chad Cordero isn't a hard thrower, but is one of the better closers in the majors. Minix is right about that and while his stuff isn't as good as Cordero's and he hasn't had much opportunity to close, you have to figure that he could play some role for a major league club looking for bullpen help; even the Phillies.

Comparison: The way he mixes his pitches, keeps the ball down in the zone and doesn't throw with a lot of velocity reminds many of a young Tim Worrell. Much like Worrell, Minix isn't afraid to let hitters put the ball in play and let his fielders do their job.

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