Phillies Prospect #46: Quintin Berry

There is a lot to adjust to when a player makes the jump from the college ranks to the pro ranks. Quintin Berry found that out last summer, but figures to settle in this year and show just why the Phillies had their eye on him.

Quintin Berry has a lot to like when it comes to talent. At the very least, he's a guy who can get on base and use his above average speed. At best, he's a guy who can do all of that plus, possibly develop enough power to surprise a lot of people; at least that's what Tony Gwynn, his college coach has to say.

Late in his sophomore season, Berry suffered a labrum injury and could still feel the lingering effects of the injury at times last summer. By the time spring gets here, he should be completely past the injury and won't be hampered by it in any way. The prognosis is that his arm strength, which was considered at least of average level, will return and he'll have enough of an arm to play outfield in the pros.

With his speed and ability to get on base, Berry projects as a center field prospect who will likely hit lead-off. If the power develops at all it will be an added feature that the Phillies didn't really count on.

Quintin Berry's career stats

'06 Batavia 0 13 .219 62 210 34 46 2 2 19 25 51 .314

Acquired: Drafted by the Phillies in the fifth round of the 2006 Draft out of San Diego State University.

Batting and Power: In college, Berry was a standout offensive player who hit .376 over two seasons at San Diego State. He also posted on-base percentages of .429 and .468 in his two seasons under Tony Gwynn. While his power numbers aren't there, some scouts believe that he's going to continue to fill out more and has the swing and mechanics to develop more power. The biggest part of his game is his speed and he has the right plate approach to hit out of the lead-off spot in the pros.

Baserunning and Speed: This is where Berry really excels. He swiped 50 bases in 67 attempts in college and went 19-for-23 at Batavia. He gets a good jump and reads pitchers well, which helps his stolen base percentage. It doesn't take Berry long to get up to speed and his reactions are impressive. He doesn't try to do things with his speed that he can't accomplish and make foolish mistakes.

Defense: Once his shoulder gets back to where it was before the injury, his arm strength should also be back to where it was. He's got at least an average arm, gets to the ball quickly and puts himself into good position to throw the ball. His speed and quick jumps on the ball increase his range. Overall, his defensive skills are above average and a plus to his game.

Projection: After a tough 2006 season at Batavia, Berry could find himself back at the same level, playing at Williamsport. The Phillies have shown a willingness to show confidence in players and promote them even after a slow season, meaning that Berry could conceivably start at Lakewood. Long-term, Berry will likely be a bit of a project, but should be well worth the wait. It could be interesting to compare Berry's development to how Greg Golson develops, since the two could be battling for a center field job with the Phillies down the road.

Comparison: Watching how Shane Victorino progressed at the major league level is much how many scouts believe Berry will develop. He's got great speed and an ability to get on base and makes things happen much like Victorino did last season at the major league level.


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