Costanzo: Ready To Head To Florida

Being an avid Eagles fan, Mike Costanzo was hoping for the best. Even when things looked bleak, he thought the Eagles could pull off a surprise or two. Now that their season is done though, Costanzo's thoughts turn to heading to Clearwater; after a quick trip to the bowling alley.

The Eagles loss to the Saints was pretty heart-breaking to say the least. They really did have a great season though and I'm proud to say that I never lost faith in them. It was a tough loss, but with all that happened to them this season, it's hard to be too disappointed at how things played out.

With the end of the football season, I've started to really get anxious to head to Florida. I'll head to Clearwter in mid-February and start getting ready. I won't be in the major league camp this spring, but that's okay. No matter which camp I'm in or what I'm doing, spring training is all about getting ready for the season and I'm looking forward to it. I've been doing a lot of work this winter and I'm in great shape heading toward spring. I've been hitting, fielding and throwing just about every day, but nothing replaces getting outside and starting to get ready for another season. I'm looking forward to Double-A ball this summer in Reading. It's a big step and I've worked hard to get there.

Before baseball season though, there's bowling. I was part of the Garry Maddox-Drew Katz 21st Annual Bowling Classic on Wednesday night. It was a great experience to get to hang out with former and past players. You can check out a picture of me with Von Hayes in the photo gallery at We had a lot of fun and raised over $300,000 for charity. It was a great night and I'm proud to have been a part of the event.

The prospect rankings are starting to come out. Baseball America didn't even have me in their top ten, which was a little surprising. I thought I would be in there, especially since I was sixth on their list last season. I don't pay a whole lot of attention to rankings like that, because it's something that you can't control. All I can do is go out and play hard and see what happens, so in some ways, not getting on a prospect list just serves to motivate me even more.

There's not much else going on, so I guess I'll close things out for now. Remember, you can send me e-mails through There's a new address to send them to:, so make note of it and let me hear your thoughts and send along any questions that you may have for me and I'll try to answer them in the next journal edition.

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