Costanzo: "The most excited I've ever been."

In his latest on-line journal entry, Mike Costanzo talks about the upcoming season. Like most fans, Costanzo can't wait for the season and he's got plenty of reason to be excited.

I flew down to Clearwater on February 13th, just missing all of the snow and ice up north. If I hadn't gotten out that day, I would have been stuck at home for a while because of all the delays for air traffic. I can't say that I missed getting hit with the cold and snow that hit the area and it's much nicer to be here in Clearwater. The weather was a little cool when I got here, but nothing compared to back home in Pennsylvania. It's been warm enough to stay in shorts, which is great.

I get up early and do some running and then hit the field. Greg Legg has been throwing BP to me and I've been working with Bill Dancy on infield practice. I've been working a lot on fielding balls hit to my right that I have to backhand. At the plate, I'm just trying to find consistency and make sure my mechanics stay strong. After all of that I generally get some weight lifting in and call it a day.

Minor league camp starts March 1st, so there aren't many minor league players down here. Other than players who are rehabbing, I'm one of the few down here so far but there will be a lot of guys rolling in before too long.

I found out today that Matt Maloney and Kyle Kendrick will also be starting the season at Reading. I played with Maloney at Batavia and Kendrick at Batavia and Clearwater, so it will be good to have both of them at Reading. There was also a lot of talk and things posted on the internet today about C.J. Henry shifting to third base. That's one of those things that I can't control, so I don't worry about it. Competition is always good and the team needs to make the moves that they feel are best to make.

One thing that I can control is what I do. I'm in great shape and lost 12 pounds over the winter. This is the most excited I've ever been to start a season and I'm really confident about how it's going to go. I put in a lot of hard work during the off-season and it will pay off for me. It's going to be good to see other guys roll into town so we can start playing some games and get things going. Believe me, I realize how important this season is for me and I'm looking to put all of those slow starts behind me and help to make some good things happen this season at Reading.

If you have any questions or comments for me, feel free to pass them along by e-mail. You can e-mail me at I'll try to answer some e-mails in my next journal entry. Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing from you.

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