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Finding life in Florida to be to his liking, our collectables guru is back with a look at one of the reasons why tall kids, short kids, fat kids and skinny kids in the 1950s all loved armour hot dogs.

Hello sports fans. It's been a while, but I am back to writing after my move from Pennsylvania to Florida. Yes, I was sitting here in my office in Cape Coral looking outside at the bird feeder and wondering how the folks in Pennsylvania were coping with the last bit of snow they had. Down here, it's 82 degrees outside and each morning I go out to the pool and realize how thankful I am that I moved here. What better way to wake up than to have a cup of coffee by the pool; something that I would have never done back in Pennsylvania, even in the summer.

On to my report. After our journey through some of the older collectibles, we'll focus on more present items from about 1950 to the present. I know everyone knows about Topps, Bowman and all the other major brands, but let's concentrate on the oddball ventures of companies through the years, concentrating of course, on the Phillies end of the collectables market.

I'll start off with one that you may or may not have known about; the 1955 Armour Coins. In 1955 Armour inserted a plastic coin into packages of hot dogs. A raised profile of the ballplayer is on the front with the players name and team on the back. Between a diamond diagram and crossed bats are the player's name, team, position, birthplace and date, along with their 1954 hitting or pitching stats. The coins measure 1-1/2" in diameter and are unnumbered. They come in a variety of colors. The set of 24 is valued at $700.00 and include Phillies players Curt Simmons valued at $20.00. The 1959 set included Richie Ashburn, whose coin is valued at $30.00. The final year of production for the coins was 1960 and that final set didn't include any Phillies.

Until next week, if you have any questions or comments or ideas for future articles, please e-mail me at I am glad to be back writing again. Oh, by the way there are actually two teams that train right here the Cape Coral area each Spring, the Minnesota Twins and Boston Red Sox, so I figure to see some good baseball.

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