Philly Baseball News Radio Review

Saturday March 3rd was the debut of Philly Baseball News Radio on WTKZ and WEEX AM 1230 and 1320 in Easton, Pennsylvania. The show airs every Saturday morning at nine. Here's a look at what happened on this week's show.

The show started with a discussion about the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs, which will become the Triple-A affiliate of the Phillies in 2008. The Pigs are in the middle of building their stadium, designing a logo and preparing for life as a minor league franchise.

Matt Provence, Director of Media Relations for the Iron Pigs said that the staff is putting in 70 hour weeks to get ready for next season. The main focus is on the stadium - including naming rights - and getting the color scheme and logo for the team set. As for stadium construction, the news is all good. "It's actually still ahead of schedule," said Provence. "With construction being the way it is, it's very tough to stick to a schedule, but they've done a great job down there."

The naming rights for the stadium will be announced later this week and a logo and color scheme will come some time after that. "We're telling everybody early Spring," said Provence when pressed for information on the logo.

After talking with Provence, the show focused on the players. Phillies third base prospect Mike Costanzo joined the show live from Clearwater to talk about his upcoming season. One of his focuses is on getting off to a good start and he is very conscious of how things have gotten off on the wrong foot for him in the past and what he has to do to turn that around this season. "I'm just going to take a nice, deep breath before every at bat and just let my God given abilities take over," said Costanzo about how he looks to approach his season. By the way, if you're want to know who Costanzo thinks are big prospects in the organization, he talked about some of the guys that have impressed him. "Matt Maloney, is real good. In Spring Training, I faced a bunch of our guys and Kyle Kendrick, he's going to be good and I think [J.A.] Happ's going to be unbelievable in the big leagues. He's got three pitches and he puts them wherever he wants," said Costanzo about some of his co-workers.

Finally, we talked to Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Jim Salisbury about the big league club. Salisbury likes this team, but admits it's early and you can't judge by just what we've seen of the team in camp. "We're going to have to see when things get going," said Salisbury. "It's one thing to look good on paper, but we're going to have to see how they play." Salisbury also brought up a unique perspective on the Phillies having six starting pitchers. The situation reminds Salisbury of a long-forgotten Spring in Clearwater. "I covered the team in '97 and before camp ended they sent a whole bunch of pitchers down to minor league camp, including a right-hander named Calvin Maduro," recalled Salisbury. "A few days later as they're ready to break camp, they put five pitchers on the DL and not only recalled Maduro, but told him 'you're starting the second game of the season'."

Philly Baseball News Radio airs every Saturday morning at nine on WTKZ and WEEX, 1230 and 1320 in Easton, Pennsylvania.

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