Former Phillie Bell Named In Steroid Sting

You knew that sooner or later, the steroid controversy would find a full link to Philadelphia. Every major league city is bound to face it at one time or another and Philadelphia is no different. Sports Illustrated is reporting that David Bell's name showed up during a recent steroid sting.

David Bell was never known as a big home run hitter like Mark McGwire or Sammy Sosa. He was never the fastest runner or greatest fielder. Heck, a lot of Phillies fans didn't even like him. So how could his name possibly show up on a list of players who reportedly received steroids from the Palm Beach Rejuvenation Center. The list of names was compiled from records found during a raid last week.

HCG was allegedly shipped to Bell at a Philadelphia address during the 2006 season. Bell acknowledged getting HCG and said that it was prescribed for him to deal with an undisclosed medical condition. He declined to talk about the condition, citing his right to privacy concerning health issues. The drug was acquired in connection with an anti-aging facility in Arizona and cost Bell $128.80 according to Sports Illustrated.

Home run hitters aren't the only ones who may wind up being caught up in steroids. Actually, Bell's involvement could make perfect sense. One of the side effects of some steroids is helping players to recuperate quicker and stay in the lineup. Bell missed considerable playing time in 2005, but was relatively healthy last season. So far, he is unsigned for the 2007 season after his contract with the Phillies expired.

Other big sports names caught in the latest sting include Jerry Hairston, Jr., Evander Holyfield, Jose Canseco, Gary Mathews, Jr. and John Rocker.

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