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This week the Vintage Sports Report has two collectibles that are affordable additions to the average fan's collection. For this week's features, we travel back to 1967 and 1978 releases.

Here I am in the middle of Dice-K Mania. There are reporters following every move he makes, from picking his nose to how often he chews his food. They just do not leave him alone. And that's just the Japanese writers; all 150 of them. I have now opened up my business in Fleamasters in Fort Myers, Florida. It's a mix of sports cards and memorabilia, plus just good old sports conversation and reminiscing. If you are in this part of Florida drop in and say hello.

Well, on with the article.

Let's talk about the 1967 Ashland Oil Grand Slam Baseball. These baseball player folders were issued in conjunction with a sweepstakes conducted at Ashland gas stations. The cards were issued in the form of a sealed tri-fold. When opened they are 7 ½" x 2" with a black and white player photo in the center. The back of the panel offers contest rules. There was just one Phillie in the set and that was Jim Bunning. His folder is valued at $20.00 and the set of 12 is valued at $375.00.

Then, there's the 1978 Bob Bartosz Baseball Postcards. Newspaper photographer Bob Bartosz produced a book of postcards in 1978 combining player poses, action shots and stadium photos. 24 different cards were printed in standard postcard size black and white format. The set or book is valued at $30.00. Phillies in this set include a photo from the 25th Anniversary of the 1950 Phillies, Jack Russell Stadium in Clearwater and the 1950 Phillies team signing baseballs. Plus, there's a photo of the 1976 Eastern Division Champion Phillies and Connie Mack Stadium. Each of the photos is valued at $1.50. This is a nice little book and worth picking up if you come across it.

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