Treasures From A Forgotten Box

Forget about skeletons in the closet; we all have those hidden boxes that are sometimes forgotten, but can yield some interesting treasures from time to time. In the somewhat disorganized offices here at Philly Baseball News, the cleaning lady found a box of treasures and asked us what we wanted to do with them. "Easy," we said. "Give them away."

Yes, it was one of those forgotten boxes. In it were issues of the inaugural Prospect Guide put together by the publishers at When we looked around, everybody had their own copy and these were simply unaccounted for. So, like those last munchies in the bottom of the Cracker Jack box, we decided to simply give them away to deserving readers who purchase an annual subscription to

That means that if you're smart enough to sign up for an annual subscription - while supplies last, which likely won't be past this week - you not only get all of the other great benefits that go with the subscription, but you'll get a complimentary copy of the Baseball Prospects Guide for your very own. And, you'll have it in your hands before Pat Burrell even starts to hear booing at Citizens Bank Park. Okay, maybe not that fast, but very, very soon. Plus, you'll get next year's Baseball Prospect Guide as part of your annual subscription!

In case you've forgotten, here's a look at what an annual subscription to brings you:

  • A year of insider's news on the Philadelphia Phillies and their minor league teams and players, including player profiles, interviews and player journals.
  • Access to all of the other sites, including Penn State and the Philadelphia Eagles. Plus, you get insight into all of the division foes with coverage of what's happening in every other major league city.
  • Complete coverage of the Fall and Winter Leagues, plus coverage of the Winter Meetings and Spring Training.
  • Exclusive audio from Philly Baseball News Radio, so you can read and hear from your favorite writers and players.
  • A full year of Sports Illustrated - 56 issues - all included with your subscription to
  • The 2007 Baseball Prospect Guide and The 2008 Baseball Prospect Guide!

Yes, it's great to be an insider and now, you can find out just how great it is with your annual subscription to

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