Vintage Sports Report

This week, our Vintage Sports Report takes a look at three more collectibles. They range from bottle caps to coins.

The regular season is in full swing and so is our Vintage Sports Report.

First up today are the 1969 Citgo coins. The 20 player set of one-inch diameter metal coins was issued by Citgo in 1969 to commemorate professional baseball's 100th anniversary. The brass coated coins display the player in a crude portrait with their name across the top. A folder was also available that was from Citgo by mail.

The Phillies in the set were Richie Allen (valued at $3.50) and Jim Bunning (valued at $5.00).

Next up, let's take a look at the 1967-1968 Coca-cola bottle caps. Over two seasons, bottles of Coke products, including Coke, Fresca, Tab, and Fanta, were sealed with caps bearing pictures of baseball players. The one-inch caps have a small baseball symbol on the top of the cap protected by a clear plastic liner. There is a black and white portrait photo of each player, with his team nickname printed at the top, the player's name at the bottom and his position at the right. Collectors save these caps without regard to brand of soda. Cap saver sheets were also available, which when filled, could be exchanged for a team set of photo cards which later were called Dexter Press Premiums.

There were 18 different Phillies in the team set, with Jim Bunning (valued at $15) and Bob Uecker (valued at $10) being the highest priced.

Before we close out this week's edition of the Vintage Sports Report, let's go over one more set; the 1967 Dexter Press Premiums.

Among the most attractive baseball collectibles produced in the 1960's, these cards were produced by Dexter Press and issued in team sets, as a premium by Coca-cola. 18 of the 20 major league teams were involved in the promotion, with just the Angels and Cardinals not included. The Angels, owned by Disney, declined and the Cardinals owned by the Busch family, which brewed Budweiser, declined because of competition. The cards are 5 ½ inches X 7 inches and are in glossy format.

There are 12 Phillies in the set all valued at $5.00, except for Jim Bunning and Richie Allen who are both valued at $7.50.

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