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Autographs are always a great find. Autographs on a baseball are especially good. This week, the Vintage Sports Report takes a look at the value of some autographed baseballs featuring famous Phillies.

Well, another week has gone by and the Clearwater Phillies will be here in Fort Myers next week. We plan on going to two of the games. Hoping to see Andrew Carpenter pitch one of those games.

This week we will be going over baseball memorabilia, starting a two-part series.

First, autographed baseballs. The prices I give you will be for balls with certification. These are just Phillies players, if you would like prices of anyone else, contact me and I will gladly give you a price.

  • Ed Delahanty's autograph on a baseball is so rare, that there are no set prices and bring whatever the market bears.
  • Rube Waddell: $12,500-$15,625
  • Sam Thompson: $10,000-$12,500
  • Billy Hamilton: $5,500-$6,875
  • Harry Wright: $5,000-$6,250
  • Grover Cleveland Alexander: $5,000-$6,250
  • Chuck Klein: $3,000-$3,750
  • Mike Schmidt: $60-$81
  • Richie Ashburn: $50-$62.50
  • Jim Bunning: $35-$43.50
  • Steve Carlton: $30-$37.50
  • Robin Roberts: $25-$31
  • You may have noticed that all of these former Phillies are Hall of Famers. Some are much more rare than others and keep in mind that if they are deceased, the price keeps going up.

    Now, let's check out some of the retired Phillies who aren't yet in the Hall of Fame:

  • Lefty O'Doul: $500
  • Chris Short: $150
  • Wes Covington: $60
  • Pete Rose: $50
  • Smokey Burgess: $50
  • Richie Allen: $40
  • Del Ennis: $40
  • Elmer Vallo: $40
  • Lenny Dykstra, $35
  • Bo Belinsky: $30
  • John Kruk: $25
  • Greg Luzinski: $25
  • Tug McGraw: $25
  • Larry Bowa: $25
  • Johnny Callison: $25
  • Darren Daulton: $20
  • Mitch Williams: $20
  • One name that needs to be mentioned is Shoeless Joe Jackson. There is no price on an autograph of his because they are so rare.

    Next up are World Series Balls. A 1950 Phillies with autographs of Ashburn, Ennis, Granny Hamner, Jim Konstanty, Roberts and Curt Simmons all on the ball will bring a price of at least $400 and maybe more. Another team ball from the 1980 World Series with Bob Boone, Bowa, Carlton, Luzinski, Rose, Schmidt, and Manny Trillo brings a minimum of about $600. And the 1993 World Series ball with Daulton, Dykstra, Dallas Green, Dave Hollins, Kruk, Curt Shilling and Williams brings $250.

    Then, there are the basic autographed team balls: The 1945 Philadelphia team ball with Jimmy Wasdell and Jimmie Foxx is valued at $900 or more. The 1953 team ball with Ashburn and Roberts brings $275 and a team ball from 1960 featuring Callison and Roberts is priced at $150. That infamous 1964 team with autographs from Allen and Jim Bunning starts at $135. A 1970 team ball with Bowa, Tim McCarver, Bunning, and Luzinski is worth about $150. A basic 1980 team ball that has signatures from Rose, Bowa, Schmidt, Luzinski, Boone, Carlton, & Sparky Lyle would bring about $350. A ball from 1990 with Dykstra and Dale Murphy is worth $60, while a 2001 team ball with the autographs of Scott Rolen and Travis Lee brings $30.

    Next week, I'll go over autographed bats. As always, feel free to contact me with any questions at

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