Dugout Seats: Clearwater at Fort Myers

The Clearwater Threshers were in Fort Myers for a three-game series this past week and took two of the three games. Philly Baseball News brings you a scouting report of some of the players who were on the field for that series.

Keep in mind that these evaluations are based only on one series and are not meant as a full evaluation of a player's skills.

Lou Marson showed off his impressive defensive skills, even though he didn't have a lot of help from the Clearwater pitchers in holding runners close to the base. His offensive skills are average, but with a little work, he could develop a little more at the plate.

Clay Harris has been slumping lately, but is hitting the ball hard. He came into the series hitting .118 but went 4-for-12 against Fort Myers and has five hits in eight at bats since that series, giving him a five-game hitting streak and making him 9-for-20, which has pushed his season average to .222 for Clearwater. He also showed some nice defensive skills at first base in the series.

Kevin Howard wasn't impressive in the series against Fort Myers. His defensive skills would appear to be below average and his swing has some holes in it. Judging on what he showed in these three games, he may not be destined to move above the Double-A level.

Brad Harman made some great plays at both shortstop and second base. He's a scrappy hitter with a nice, level swing.

Welinson Baez seemed to give up on some pitches at the plate and looked almost uninterested at times. There doesn't appear to be any sense of urgency or great drive in Baez, which is very disappointing. Defensively, he tried to make two plays off to his side rather than getting in front of them and let both get past him. He could have easily gotten in front of the ball and made both plays, but simply didn't move. He also muffed a relay throw and was generally unimpressive. You have to wonder if he may wind up heading to another position at some point in his career.

Greg Golson was somewhat of the anti-Baez. He was constantly hustling and has star written all over him. He gave full effort on every defensive play and every pitch that he saw. His offensive skills are impressive and there is a lot to like about him.

Jeremy Slayden is the poster child for intensity. In fact, he may be a little too intense and he wound up breaking two bats after striking out. He would help himself by calming down and simply learning from his mistakes rather than tearing himself up for everything that goes wrong. As a side note, away from the field he was very even-tempered and hospitable to fans seeking autographs. He's obviously very different when he steps on the field.

Josh Outman and Brett Harker are both bulldogs with great ability. They both have great talent.

Carlos Carrasco has some work to do, but the necessary skills are there. He's sill learning and his location was a little off, but he was very poised when he got into jams and showed a lot of maturity and professionalism.

On the other hand, Dan Brauer seemed somewhat lost and put himself into jams much like Carrasco did, but couldn't work out of them.

Zac Stott needs to develop some movement on his pitches. Everything is straight and there's no deception to his pitching. He tended to keep the ball up in a hittable zone and was hit hard.

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