Vintage Sports Report

This week, the Vintage Sports Report brings you a look at some classics from the '50s. Plus, the search is on for some long lost cards and if you have them, you could make some nice change for yourself.

Let's start off with something simple; 1959 Dad's Cookies Exhibits. A Vancouver baking company issued several sets of hockey cards and had some blank cards on hand and decided to delve into baseball cards. They measured 3 3/8" X 5 3/8" and were reddish grey brown. The backs indicate there was also an album. The Phillies in this set were Richie Ashburn (valued at $100), Del Ennis (valued at $35), Robin Roberts (valued at $80) and Curt Simmons (valued at $35).

1950 Drake's entitled the TV Baseball game. The 1950 Drake's bakeries set pictures 36 different players on a TV screen format. The cards were 2 ½" X 2 1/3" and contain black and white photos surrounded by a black border. The backs carry the player's biography plus an advertisement to look for the cards in packages of Oatmeal and Jumble cookies. The Phils in the set include Eddie Waikus (valued at $150), Del Ennis (valued at $150) and Earl Torguson (valued at $150).

I was going to try and put all the Exhibit cards in this article, but there are 35 different varieties. If you have any specific questions on Exhibits email me with the player's name, type of card and year and I can give you a price.

The 1955 Felin Franks are a very rare issue. Some of the cards from this set have not been identified to this date. There are no complete sets in existence and very few pieces with collectors, leading many to believe that the set was very regional and only a few were ever sent out. The full set was only issued in the Philadelphia market. This hot dog issue is 4" X 3 5/8" round cornered panels have a red border with a color player photo on the left side of the front. At right front are the 1954 stats of a different player. The object was to collect the panels and match the stats of 30 different players to win a prize. All players are listed with values of $1250, except for Robin Roberts who is listed at $2000 and Richie Ashburn at $2250. This is a product that hold a premium and these are just a starting price for these cards. Cards numbered 2, 15, 24, 25 and 30 still have not been located. Just think you may be sitting on a goldmine and not even know it.

I will close for this week, but will be in Fort Myers this week at Fleamasters where business has been going well. Also, throughout the weekend I'll be putting items on eBay, including one that may have a few people may be interested; a 1955 World Series program of the Dodgers and Yankees matchup. You can see it at RSVINTAGESPORTS. If you have any questions about this article or any others, feel free to e-mail me at RRSPORTS1@YAHOO.COM.

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