Vintage Sports Report

Philadelphia is home to some hometown collectibles. This week, our Vintage Sports Report takes a look at some of the items out of Philadelphia that are worth keeping an eye out for.

Hello sports fans. This week I am going to concentrate on Philadelphia issues that were done either by local companies or by the Phillies themselves. Some of the prices may surprise you. Folks have been drooling trying to get their hands on some of these items for years, searching in attics or under beds for years. Check it out and see if you have some of these treasures.

First up are the 1951 Olmes studio postcards. This line of postcards was given to the players to give out to fans. They are 3 ½" x 5 ½" cards with a glossy black and white player photo on the front. There were 17 Phillies in the set with Robin Roberts being the highest value of the Phillies, valued at $275. Ferris Fain and Gus Zernial coming in at $100 each, while the rest come in at $75 a piece.

Next, we have 1950 Philadelphia Bulletin pin-ups, featuring 8" x 10" black and white portraits. There were 26 players in the set, with Richie Ashburn valued at $75, Robin Roberts at $65, while Del Ennis and Curt Simmons are both valued at $50. The rest of the players come in at $40 each.

Next, we have the 1964 Philadelphia Bulletin Phillies album. There were two versions of this issue and the paper version is valued at only about two-thirds of the prices quoted here. In all, there were 28 players with Jim Bunning being the most valuable at $75. Richie Allen is valued at $60 and the rest bring $20 a piece.

Next was the 1950 Philadelphia Inquirer Fightin' Phillies. There were 24 of them in the set with Richie Ashburn and Robin Roberts both valued at $35 each and the rest of the set coming in at $15 each. All of these were magazine or newspaper inserts in the daily issues and a lot were thrown out or destroyed. If you have access to some old stacks of Philadelphia newspapers, go through them to check out if you have some hidden gems. I uncovered some this way from old Philadelphia Bulletins at a yard sale. The pictures were in excellent condition and I was able to by two 2 stacks of papers for $10.00 and made over $500 from those stacks. It just takes time, patience and a little attention to detail when looking through yard sales, garage sales or other opportunities to find some great collectibles.

That will do it for this week, but next week, we'll take a look at some more items out of Philadelphia. Until then, take a look around because you never know what you will find out there. If you have any questions about this article or any others e-mail me at And check out my auctions on eBay under rrvintagesports. I currently have most of the autographs for the first round picks listed on eBay along with signed jerseys from some of them. I also have an autograph of first overall pick David Price up now and it's numbered out of just 20.

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